Yes, good smart home security products make life as a busy homeowner easier. But the top smart home security products can simplify your to-do list and help protect your family. Families with young children and busy schedules can benefit from the simplicity of these top smart home devices. Homeowners living alone can, too. Keep reading to discover what these smart home devices are and how they can secure the exterior and interior of your home.

Why The Doorbell Camera is one of the Top Smart Devices for Home

Take your home’s exterior security to the next level with the Skybell doorbell video camera. The Skybell doorbell video camera is one of the top smart devices for your home because it lets you see what’s going on outside your property without having to leave your couch. When someone rings the doorbell, the Skybell sends a live feed alert to your phone. This lets you see who’s at your front door in real-time before a potential intruder has the chance to force themselves inside your home. If a visitor is scoping out your home and never rings the doorbell, the Skybell will still capture their movement using its motion sensors. You can use your best judgment to determine whether you need to take action.

Use the doorbell camera’s two-way audio to ask the delivery man to leave the package you’re surprising your spouse with by the front door. Or briefly tell a door-to-door salesman you’re not interested in what they’re offering without having to stop what you’re doing. In more serious cases, two-way audio is a great way to scare off intruders or unwanted visitors. If you want to keep track of the number of times a suspicious guest has been visiting your home, take a picture of them using the Skybell’s camera.

Unlike traditional peepholes that only provide clarity during the daytime, doorbell cameras have color night vision that lets you see who’s outside at all hours.

When you want to keep track of who’s been visiting your home, open up Skybell’s activity history. This handy feature logs the day’s events, keeping you connected and constantly aware of everything.

Yale smart door lock on a gray door

Find Convenience with these Smart Devices for Your Home

Our homes possess many items that serve different purposes for our unique needs. There’s the refrigerator to keep our food fresh; the desk in the living room for organizing important folders and then that chair in the corner of our bedroom that holds a growing pile of laundry.

But wouldn’t it be great if we had a gadget that could take care of the little things we forget about handling? Well, you’re in luck. Some of the best smart devices for your home can remember those pesky but important tasks that play a critical role in protecting your home but can easily slip any homeowner’s mind.

Smart Door Lock

It’s a Monday morning. You’ve managed to drop the kids off at school before the first bell, pack your lunch and make it work on time. This warrants a celebration, so you pat yourself on the shoulder at your desk; however, this celebration is short-lived. As you sip your coffee and review your to-do list, you realize something. You forgot to lock the front door back at home.

With a smart door lock, you can give yourself a break for forgetting to do the little things. Adding this product to the list of smart devices for your home gives you the freedom to lock or unlock your home from anywhere. 

Pairing your smart locks with Bluetooth connectivity means your door locks will immediately recognize when you haven’t locked your door after leaving a designated perimeter. This will trigger your door to lock automatically and keep potential intruders from gaining easy access inside.

The magic doesn’t end there. Some smart locks, like the August Smart Lock Pro, let you assign temporary digital keys to household guests or service workers, like dog walkers and housekeepers. You can keep your home secure by customizing these keys so they only work during certain hours. If you don’t feel like giving out a set of temporary keys or passcodes to guests, just use your phone to grant visitors access inside your home.

Keychain Remote Control

Parents with children who return home from school before they leave work will enjoy the keychain remote control. Homeowners who don’t feel like dashing across their house to disarm or arm their security panel will also appreciate the keychain remote.

This compact device is an advocate for convenience thanks to its built-in buttons that can electronically arm or disarm your system from remote locations or within your home. The keychain remote control is great for children because they can disarm an alarm panel without having to remember a passcode. The remote control can also be distributed to household guests visiting for the holidays. Because the keychain remote is compact, you can store the device in even the tiniest of spaces, making it great for packing in totes, briefcases or backpacks.

Amazon Echo Dot on a white surface

What is the Best Smart Home Devices to Use with Alexa?

Smart speakers have a bad rap for just being that device you use for naming song titles or getting quick weather updates. But in actuality, there are so many things a smart speaker can do to keep your home safe and comfortable. Let’s review some of the best smart home devices to use with Alexa to understand the ways you can use the smart speaker to your advantage.

Set the Scene

If your goal in life is to reduce the number of times you have to leave the comforts of your sofa or bed, then you’re going to love setting the scene with the Amazon Echo Dot.

This feature means one of the best smart home devices to use with Alexa is, indeed, itself.

But what does “setting the scene” mean, you ask? It’s a function for simplicity and security that can auto-adjust smart home technology and security devices in your home. You can modify scenes within your Alexa app where you can toggle, name and tailor the feature to your needs.

Now all that’s left is to use your voice to let Alexa know it’s time to set the scene.

One of the great things about setting the scene is the seemingly endless opportunities for customization. Bedtime scenes can turn off your smart light bulbs, arm your security panel, auto-adjust your air conditioner to a comfortable setting and lock your doors. Movie night scenes can also adjust your smart bulbs, but this time to a setting that’s appropriate for fully enjoying the living room television screen. For extra protection, use the movie night scene to lock your doors and secure your alarm panel.

Lock Your Doors

One of the other smart home devices to use with Alexa is your smart locks. With the Amazon Echo Dot in your home, locking or unlocking your doors is as easy as using your voice. This cool function works by integrating your smart speakers with your smart door locks, adding even more convenience to your day. Using voice-command to control your home’s security improves the overall safety of your humble abode by letting you quickly secure your locks from wherever you may be in your home. It doesn’t require keys or a passcode, which is useful when you’re rocking a baby to sleep or feeding the dog.

Arm your Security System

Similar to locking your doors, you can securely arm your home’s alarm system using your voice. To enjoy this feature, integrate your Amazon Echo Dot with your alarm system. When you’re ready to secure your home at night before climbing into bed, simply say “Alexa, arm Protect America,” then you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and secure.

Find Different Smart Home Devices at Protect America

There are many different smart home devices available for keeping your home secure. If you’re still uncertain which products is the right fit for your home, you can speak to a security expert at Protect America. We provide families with award-winning security packages that can be tailored to their needs. Smart home automation is great for convenience and can cut down the number of tasks on your schedule. Our security equipment can integrate with smart locks, doorbell cameras, smart speakers, smart thermostats and more.