You might be wondering what precautions you can take to avoid a home break-in. Just like when we go shopping for new clothes or furniture, we have an idea of what we want. Well, so do robbers.

We created a list below that shows what robbers are looking for and how you can make your house less vulnerable to burglars.

Non-maintained yard:

This lets robbers know that the chances of you being home are slim. Maintain your yard to deter burglars! Also, definitely have a yard sign. If you’re defending your home with a security system, it’s a great idea to let the neighborhood know. A red Protect America yard sign says “don’t even think about it”.

Dark concealed hiding areas.

This makes it easy for them to sit and wait until they know you aren’t home or easily break in without being seen. Scary right? Make sure your house is well-lit outside. Some flood lights that come on at night are a great way to keep your yard sufficiently illuminated.

Windows left open when you are away.

Make sure to always close and lock your windows and doors. It might sound obvious, but not everyone leaves their doors and windows shut. Don’t make it easy for burglars, and easily secure doors and windows with wireless micro sensors in case someone tries to force them open.

Notes left on exterior doors explaining where you have gone.

This is obviously a give-away that you are not home. A note saying “around the corner for 5 mins, call my cell” is an invitation to burglarize your home, even if you really are gone for 5 minutes. Don’t let robbers know!

The hidden spare house key.

If you have a spare key, consider giving it to a trusted neighbor. Don’t leave it outside in a “hidden” place. Police departments regularly warn that thieves know to look under mats and other places for a key.

The best step to defend your home is having a quality security system. Arm and disarm it from anywhere and get text messages if there’s an alarm or even when your loved one or child arrives home. Protect America technology is controllable from your smartphone for true connectivity and peace of mind.