Chances are, you’ve heard of the time “cat burglar” at least once in your lifetime. In general, a cat burglar is a thief who intrudes into homes in order to steal personal property. Cats are quiet and are able to use their stealth in order to approach their prey without alarming them. Cat burglars are essentially thieves who are able to break into a home without being noticed. These burglars are able to steal valuables from a home without the victim becoming aware of what has happened until later. Cat burglars tend to steal from not just homes but also sheds, garages, boats, automobiles, churches, schools, planes, trains, and more.

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    Definition of a cat burglar

    A cat burglar is a thief who breaks into and enters property to steal valuables. However, an individual does not have to actually break into something to gain entry. If a cat burglar slips through an open window or door, this is still viewed as breaking and entering. A cat burglar refers to any indiivdual who enters property without authorization. The property can be private or commercial. Such individuals intend to vandalize or steal. Even an individual is not successful in their attempt to vandalize or steal, the individual is still considered a cat burglar.

    The term ‘cat burglar’ is loosely defined.

    If an individual steals an ATM machine by driving a vehicle through the window of a convenience store, the individual is a thief but not a cat burglar in the true sense of the term. Likewise, a group of adolescents who break into abandoned property to party, steal, and vandalize property are also considered thieves. However, these individuals are not cat burglars because they lack the stealth and quietness associated with being a cat burglar. However, cat burglars can become engaged with violence, such as rape or battery.

    In the United States, cat burglars are very prone to being affected by the three strikes law. Essentially, anyone who is convicted of three felonies is restricted from receiving any other sentence besides life in prison.


    What Is the Difference Between a Burglar and a Cat Burglar?

    A common misconception is that a burglar and a cat burglar are one in the same. However, the truth is that a burglar and cat burglar are two different types of thieves. As stated above, a thief is an individual who steals anything. This includes purse-snatchers, pickpockets, cyber criminals, burglars, and robbers. A robber usually uses force or threats to steal from an individual or an establishment. While robbers are not afraid to confront their victims, burglars tries to avoid their victims. Burglars prefer to steal property when the owners of the property are absent. Cat burglars take advantage of their housebreaking skills and athletic prowess to break into a home and steal while avoid detection.

    While the difference between a burglar and a cat burglar is not very significant, there is still a clear distinction. When taking the necessary precautions to protect your home against thieves, you should consider the different types of burglars and the different tactics that these burglars rely on. For more information about what is a cat burglar, don’t hesitate to contact us here at  Protect America. We can provide you with a free quote for our home security products.