It’s possible that while you are looking for a new place to live that you find there is a high rate of robbery in that neighborhood.  Then why are the home insurance rates so low? Doesn’t the robbery mean people are having their homes invaded all the time?


Robbery is NOT Burglary

Actually, no it doesn’t.  While the letter of the law will vary from state to state, in general, most laws are written such that the definitions are similar from one place to another. Let’s learn what the two terms mean and how they affect property values and insurance premiums.

Robbery Comes with Fear and Personal Threats

The definition of robbery is always tied to the use of fear or threat of violence in order to take property from somebody.  If you are approached on the street by a thug, they brandish a knife, and demand you hand over your wallet–that is robbery.  If you leave your purse on the table at a restaurant and somebody grabs it while you look away, that is simple theft.  Neither is burglary.

Burglary is Associated with Trespassing or Breaking into a Property

While burglary can occur during a robbery–where the criminals accost you in your home while vandalizing your property or stealing it–it does not require the use of threats or violence.  Burglary is defined by NOLO as, "entering any type of building without permission at any time of day while intending to commit a crime once inside." 

Once inside, they might commit a theft–taking your property–but it is the breaking and entering with the intent of stealing that defines the burglary.

Home Security Systems Protect You from Burglars

A monitored home security system from a reputable company like Protect America can help to reduce the chances that your home with be burgled. Starting with the simply decal in your front window, it lets opportunistic villains know that police will be notified if they trigger an alarm. There might be motion-activated cameras on the property and even an instant connection to the homeowner through mobile apps.  So, even if they are stupid enough to try and grab your jewelry and big screen TV in a smash and grab, there is a good shot that the good guys will catch them.


Self-Defense Classes can Help to Frustrate Robbers

If your new city has a high robbery rate, then you might want to look into some jujitsu classes and perhaps add some pepper spray to your purse. Remember to leave your cellphone in a coat pocket and out of sight while walking through city streets, even in the middle of the day. Skip the trip to the designer handbag store and try living without the bulky bag that is simple for robbers to cut the strap and run off with while your entire life is left inside. In other words, avoid making yourself a walking target.

In the end, preventing crime always starts with using a commonsense approach to living, whether you have thousands of neighbors or maybe you are the only house around for a mile. And that begins with learning all you can about how to protect your property from those who wish to rob you or commit burglary.  Contact Protect America for more tips and to order your wireless security system today.