Taking it upon yourself to install a home security system is a way to implement your custom plans while investing only in equipment and accessories that are absolutely necessary.

Did you know that there are roughly 2.5 million burglaries reported in the United States each year?

Nearly 66% of all burglaries are considered home break-ins, which is why it is so important to invest in a home security system you can trust and rely on at all times.

When you are interested in a home security system but are inclined to choose a DIY option, knowing what to expect financially is necessary to avoid potential hang-ups and overages.


Security Equipment Costs

Investing in home security equipment is not always cheap, especially when you are seeking high-quality solutions with the latest technology available on the market.

Compare and review security equipment costs based on the type of security cameras, sensors, and motion detectors you want to implement with your DIY solution. Research which equipment has the best reviews and which home security cameras are the easiest to install and activate using your smartphone or home computer.

Providers such as Protect America offer new clients up to $1,400 in free equipment when signing on for a 3-year commitment to use the service. While other companies often charge customers for individual security cameras and equipment, Protect America helps ease the financial burden required to protect your home.

Before choosing which home security cameras and equipment are right for you, review the size and layout of your home to flesh out your DIY install plan. When you have a solidified plan, it is much easier to shop for equipment in bundles or individually.

Monthly Service Fees

Most home security companies charge a monthly service fee, which is why many homeowners prefer installing their own security system both inside and outside of their homes. Cutting costs for a security system has never been easier than with a DIY solution. However, a few drawbacks of implementing your own security system include:

  • No automatic alerts to local authorities such as your local fire station or police station if there is an incident detected on your property.
  • No backup storage plan to ensure all of your security system’s camera footage is properly stored and secured.
  • No backup alarm system in the event of a power outage, which can lead to an increased chance of a burglary or home invasion.

Typically, home security companies that charge monthly rates require customers to sign a contract (often lasting anywhere from 3 to 5 years). While some home security companies offer rates starting at $30 (with Protect America), others charge more than $200 each month for basic home security monitoring and protection.


DIY VS. Monitored Solutions

Installing your very own home security system is a way to take control of your property’s surroundings while creating a customized solution that is perfect for you and your family. However, without a monitored home security service in place, you run the risk of missing out on reporting a potential burglar or a home invasion (especially when you are sleeping or outside of the home).

Monitored solutions provide additional peace of mind for homeowners who want to feel safe and secure even when they are not at home. When you are choosing between a DIY and monitored home security solution, it is imperative to consider just how often you will have the ability to monitor and watch your property’s cameras.

In some cases, companies such as Protect America offer DIY installation options with a low cost rate for monitored security services, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

With Protect America, choose which equipment options and plans work for you and your family based on your budget and the size of your home. Protect America offers both DIY installation as well as professional installation services at no additional cost to you. When you want top-notch service from the nation’s 14th largest home security provider, choose Protect America.

Ready to move forward with your home security plans and want to learn more about your options and our solutions? Contact Protect America today to get your free quote.