Home security equipment is the eyes and ears of a home. Sometimes even the voice, since modern day security systems communicate back to you via push notification alerts. This is a guide for where to place home security DVR system.

Where to Place Home Security DVR System

For those with IP cameras — systems that are stored and operated via the cloud — they don’t have to worry about their entire systems being compromised by a burglar who cuts a few wires or destroys a system.
Where to Place Home-Security-DVR-System
But other homeowners still use DVR (digital recorder device) devices, boxes that are used to receive data, convert data to a file, and store that file on a hard drive. These systems are video recording devices that store and record video footage locally.

DVR’s are the newer home security systems that have replaced analog. These DVR systems often have higher quality video and a lower level of maintenance. Unlike IP cameras, DVR systems do not connect to the internet. These DVR’s are closed circuit systems, which means that they are only connected to each other locally and not to any networks.

Most people have IP cameras, which you have if you have a Protect America system. IP systems stream directly to the internet and you can check them from anywhere.

Since a DVR system is local, they can be tampered with, stolen, or destroyed. With these things considered, where’s the best place to put the best DVR system if you have one?

The Hiding Places


A closet is the safest hiding place for a DVR system, since closets will often serve as a structured wiring center for your home, and you’ll have a few options with the various closets in the house. Plus, you can place items on top or around your DVR to further conceal it.

Whether you choose the master bedroom closet, an office closet, or another option, you are sure to find somewhere in the home that will afford you the hiding that you need. Just make sure that you place somewhere high in the closet and that the wires are hidden well.


Other high shelves or cupboards are great hiding sports for the best DVR systems. Maybe a cupboard in the kitchen, or a central location like the living room that houses other important home materials as well.

Where to Place Home-Security-DVR-System

Cupboards also work because they are often difficult to reach, and since burglars want to get in and out, the longer they have to spend in a home the less they’ll want to tamper with devices.

Create a Space

This could mean you place the device in a hidden wall or a crawl space, you place it in its own unique room, or it sits in a racked cabinet and is locked if you can.

You can get creative with placement and put your DVR in a safe place that won’t be likely found, because only you know that the space was made especially for the DVR.

Include a Lock-box

Regardless of the location you choose, make sure that a safe, lock-box, or other concealable tool is used to seal the device. Just remember that these DVR systems will likely generate heat, so it’s important the place you choose allows for a heat ventilation system so that you don’t cause a fire hazard.

The best suggestion is to simply put a lock box around it. Having a device that is locked and keeps your item safeguarded will be the best bet against criminals. Simply include ventilation for the wiring.

Do you have any suggestions for where you hide your DVR systems, or where you place hidden home security cameras or equipment? Let us know on social media, on Twitter or Facebook.