Every customer interested in monitored home security is looking for the best home security company. Finding the right home security system will require a substantial amount of research on the part of the customer. Third party review sites can be a great resource for learning about home security providers. The best way to learn what a home security company has to offer is to simply call and ask.

Who are the Best Home Security Companies?

In order to locate the best home security company, a customer will have to determine which security needs in their home must be addressed. Homes in need of comprehensive security will want to consider an alarm system from Protect America. Each security system offered by Protect America includes enough door/windows sensors to monitor every external door and window on the average America home.

Wireless home security companies can provide substantial savings for customers. Traditional, hardwired home security systems require professional installation and substantial activation fees. A wireless home security system avoids these unnecessary charges, ultimately saving customers hundreds of dollars in start up costs.

Best Home Security Company Reviews

Reviews for home security companies typically originate with customers that only have experienced one provider. Most of these reviews can be found on sites like Yelp! and Angie’s List. For reviews of specific models of home security system, shopping sites, like Amazon, will be the best available resource. Unfortunately, respected consumer publications don’t typically review home security products and related services.

Consumer Reports: Best Home Security Company

Like other product testing outlets, Consumer Reports doesn’t cover the home security industry. Most widely available home security products are associated with a service that makes them ineligible for review by Consumer Reports, which only focuses on the features, quality, and related aspects of a given product. (For example: Consumer Reports will review a specific computer or digital camera but not the customer service support that goes with it.)

Other review sites, like TopConsumerReviews.com, have given Protect America stellar ratings. For the last 5 years, TopConsumerReviews.com has awarded Protect America with a 5-star rating and the top spot in their rankings of America’s best home security companies.