A burglary affects more than just your home, it affects your family. At times it may be hard to understand why things happen, especially to you. Unfortunately in this world there are people who don’t have any respect for the property or feelings of others.

It’s really hard to tell or know why people chose to burglarize others, but one thing is for certain, you should always be prepared for the worst.

Burglars often chose homes to burglarize a few different ways. Many different burglars operate different ways. Some are even completely random and spur of the moment, some are digital stalkers and some are well-planned.

The Random Burglar

These burglars that choose to do random burglaries are often professional burglars or also tend to be the most heartless. Often violent, they will do anything at anytime to get in. Your safety should be a concern at all times.

The Social Media Burglar

Some burglars prowl on social networks using Facebook and Twitter to search for their next victim. They find out when you’re leaving on vacation or when no one is home and plan their burglar that way.

The Street Prowler

These burglars walk the streets. A lot of times these might even be suspicious people who live in or around your neighborhood. They keep on eye on houses to see when people leave to burglarize when empty.

Friend of a Friend

Sometimes burglars are people we actually know. It’s important to not always share so much information with people you don’t know to well. Although being friendly is great, just keep in mind to always protect your home because the truth is that anyone can be a burglar.

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