There’s a common misconception with apartment owners. Many believe they either don’t need home security, or they completely opt out of purchasing a system because they’re under the impression that systems can only be installed via wires, screws, and holes in the wall—all which aren’t allowed by most apartment complexes. Both of these assertions are wrong.

The National Crime Prevention Council says that apartments are 85% more likely to be broken into than homes. And the FBI Crime Report in 2011 said the average dollar lost per burglary offense was $2,185. Here’s why you need to keep your apartment secured:

Security Threats Still Present in Apartments

Apartments are as much of a home as a house. They store just as many valuable possessions, but many apartment owners don’t properly secure their spaces. Just because you are living in an apartment does not mean that you can neglect the basic need of home security. Every living space needs to be secured.

Burglars will use the same methods when attacking apartments. They will attack during the day, and use any nearby cover that they can find. They’re most likely to attack units that have the quickest access to escape routes, and the most hiding space.

Crime Doctor reports that 30% of all apartment burglars accessed homes via open doors and windows. This means it’s especially important to use special reinforcement when securing sliding glass doors and balconies. This is one of the most common places a burglar will strike, so make sure to limit movement on these doors.

The Answer is Wireless Security

Thanks to modern do-it-yourself home security systems like the ones we sell here at Protect America, you no longer need installers, wires, screws, and other items that tear up the home to install your security systems.

These systems are also easy to move whenever you leave the apartment, so you don’t have to worry about only being in your apartment for a short amount of time.

Without having to worry about the troubles of uninstalling a system, there isn’t a reason not to make sure that your apartment dwelling is secured. This same concern is also taken away for people who are temporarily living in a rent house.

Whenever you rent apartments you can check on the neighborhood beforehand via apps like StreetAdvisor and Safe Neighborhood to look at crime stats. Most police departments will also send stats over, they simply ask for a letter. This is a great way to add an extra layer of protection to your home security, but no matter how safe a neighborhood is, the surest way to be secure is through a home security system.

At Protect America, our home automated systems also connect through WiFi and Z-Wave technologies. This means that you can connect appliances, lights, and other automated tools in the house to work through your smartphone.

Thanks to the convenience of modern technology, apartment owners who were either reluctant or didn’t know how to set up home security in their rental space, can both be secured and easily move their systems.