Before many homeowners begin their quest toward protecting their homes, they have questions and variables they would like to cover. Among the top of the list: how much is home security equipment, and what do costs look like long-term?

At Protect America, we offer three security packages, beginning at $19.99 a month. Additional equipment can also be added to your package, and our home security experts can cater a package to your specific needs. But once home security upfront costs have been established, what can homeowners expect long-term? Will Purchasing home security equipment save them money?

Over $12 Billion Worth of Stolen Property

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, in 2015, over $12 billion worth of property was stolen. This property included jewelry, motor vehicles, electronics, firearms, and other every-day luxury items. Nothing is off-limits for burglars. They are also known to steal vehicles and motorcycles, then strip them of their parts to sell them to the black market.

This is a large amount of money to be stolen. Especially considering that a burglary occurs every 18 seconds, also per the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. If a burglary were to happen at your home or business, there is a high probability that they make it a way with quite the sum of money. What’s the remedy? Home security equipment.

According to a study from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, burglars are 60% more likely to seek a different target if the location they have chosen is secured. Home security will not only prevent a burglar from choosing your home, but also from losing large amounts of money that are commonly taken in a burglary.

Security Means Home Insurance Discounts

When you purchase home security equipment, you’re making the commitment to protecting your home with a strong and likely burglar deterrent. Peace of mind and security is one outcome of this decision, but another group is happy with the decision that you’ve made—your home insurance company. These insurance companies provide discounts for customers who have chosen to install home security equipment.

Why would insurance companies do this? Home security companies—like Protect America—are monitored and offer important alert devices for smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and other weather related hazards. This means emergency officials will respond to your home if a burglary occurs, and weather-related incidents will be prevented. These are two results an insurance company wants. They don’t want hazards to occur at your home, so encouraging you to prevent them by purchasing home security is in their best interest.

The biggest discounts are available to homeowners who use companies that offer these monitored, fire, smoke and other security options. These are the five key criteria that insurance companies are looking for when they provide discounts:

  • Home automation
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Monitored security systems
  • Monitored fire alarms
  • Disaster sensors

Savings for home insurance policies will vary depending on the company that you work with. Shop around to see which companies will offer the highest savings. Some companies offer as high as 25%, though many work closer in the 10-15% range.

Who Doesn’t Like to Save Money?

Home security is a valuable resource for a number of reasons, including peace of mind and personal safety. But, who also doesn’t like to save money?

Whether it’s home insurance discounts, or the money saved by preventing a break-in—or filing an insurance claim if a break-in does occur—you’ll be well pleased with the extra funds you have in your wallet.

Interested in getting set up with Protect America? Talk to a home security specialist right now, or call by phone at 1-800-951-5111 to get started with security.