According to industry publication Security Distributing and Marketing Magazine (better known as SDM Magazine), there are thousands of local and national home security companies operating in the United States.

While this might seem overwhelming to potential customers researching their best option, the vast majority of home security companies can’t offer service in most areas. There are only a few national home security companies that can provide service in all 50 U.S. states and they’re worth looking into for the best combination of security and affordability.

Before selecting a home security provider, customers should really take a look at Protect America. An award-winning company with a tradition of excellence, Protect America is deeply committed to the affordable security. Protect America is the nation’s leading wireless home security provider and even pioneered self-install home security. This simple idea helped make home security affordable for the average American.

The Best Home Security Company

What makes the best home security companies? Giving the customer what they need for the price they want. With Protect America, customers receive a FREE Simon XT home security system along with enough door/window sensors to monitor every point of entry. All customers have to do is order one of our award-winning monitoring solutions and a FREE wireless home security system is sent directly to their door. A free home security system combined with low monitoring rates is an offer nobody in the home security industry can beat. Protect America is the most affordable and comprehensive home security provider in the industry.

What Do Other Home Security Companies Offer?

If you can’t already tell, there’s a big difference between Protect America and other home security companies. Most national home security companies exclusively offer wired home security systems that require professional installation. These wired models are more expensive as they typically require activation and installation fees. Companies that specialize in wired security system also charge for their equipment, which can cost customers hundreds of dollars.

Few national home security companies specialize in wireless home alarm systems, like Protect America. The ones that do offer wireless home security systems fail to match Protect America’s price and quality equipment. Protect America is also one of the few home security companies that provides a Lifetime Replacement Parts Warranty, if a part (or even the entire system) breaks the company will replace it for free! Other companies only offer a limited, two year warranty even though they require customers sign a three year contract. Protect America doesn’t play games with the security of its customers. Your security system deserves to work because you paid for it.

Types of Security Monitoring

When choosing a home security system, monitoring solutions are pretty important. Most companies have a limited selection of monitoring options with landline monitoring being the most common. Many home security companies require their customers to use a landline in order to use their service.

With Protect America, customers can choose between landline, broadband, or cellular monitoring. Each option has their own merits but the choice should ultimately be left to the customer. Many homes don’t have a landline so purchasing one only for use with a home security system is not very cost effective. Cellular monitoring is a great option for many homes as it doesn’t require any extra service fees (landline and broadband monitoring options do require customers maintain their own phone or Internet service) but homes in areas with spotty cellular coverage might want to consider the other options.

Protect America offers a range of interactive features with their cellular and broadband monitoring solutions. Customers that choose one of these options can access their home security system from anywhere in the world with an Internet-enabled smartphone or computer. Interactive access from Protect America gives users the ability to arm/disarm their system and view event notifications. With a home video security camera, users can even view a live video feed of their home.

Customized Home Security Systems

Wireless home security systems from Protect America also have the added benefit of being customizeable to almost any home. Big or small, Protect America secures them all! The Simon XT wireless home security system offered by Protect America can hold up to 40 home security sensors and devices. That means a customer could monitor up to 40 doors and windows on their house! Wired home security systems can’t match that level of security or customization!

Of course, most homes won’t need 40 door/window sensors. Home security experts agree additional home security devices, like glass break sensors, motion detectors, and home video security cameras, can greatly enhance the security of a home. Protect America wireless home alarm systems can be easily customized to include a wide variety of security accessories, even after installation.