Technology is growing at rampant speeds and with it, the ability to monitor your home via home security systems and app, integrate Smart Home technology to link all of your electronic devices, and utilization of DIY options for home security and burglar alarm systems.


These wireless-based home security systems can provide many functions for its user besides deterring criminals from the property. Some of these functions include instant notifications that will instantly update you while you are away, keeping you alert on:

  • Movements detected inside and outside your house
  • A fire alarm going off
  • A carbon monoxide alarm going off
  • Windows breaking
  • Doors opening
  • Severe temperature changes detected in the home

While wireless systems can be useful in keeping your home secure, these systems are not without vulnerability. Thus, you should consider the potential risks in purchasing a wireless home security system that is reliant on the internet alone.  Below are some factors that you may not realize about a wireless home security system.

Three Things you may not Realize About a Wireless Home Security System

Self-Monitoring Means you must Personally Report all Emergencies

If there is an emergency like a fire, or your alarm goes off to alert you that there has been a break in, with a self-monitoring system, you are responsible to call the police yourself. If your life is in immediate danger, having to stop to call the police isn’t always ideal. The time that it takes to make that phone call makes you lose precious time. In the case of a fire or break-in, this timing could literally be the difference between life and death.

Internet and Power Outages can be of Major Concern

With links to your other electronic devices through Smart Home technology, your devices and home become vulnerable if there are internet outages that affect your Wi-Fi and internet. This is where internet dependence is a major problem for a wireless home security system. Wireless systems are dependent on your internet to send alerts whereas systems that are monitored live utilize cell towers to ensure instant alerts are delivered. Even if power or internet outages are not common in your area, consider that inclement weather and other situations can cause complications with your home security system.


Your Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums may be Higher

Having a home security system helps to bring your insurance premiums down. This is because the insurance companies recognize the investment in keeping your home secure and helping to deter criminals from targeting your home. Thus, they realize that your home is less likely to be burglarized, and as a result, may offer discounts because of the presence of a home security system. However, the biggest discounts are given to those that include live monitoring. Some insurance companies won’t even give a discount for a home security system that doesn’t include 24/7 live monitoring.

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