The Home Depot is becoming another retail source for many items in one’s home security (or small business security) and surveillance arsenal. So why would you want to head to the Home Depot to find items for home security? Well,  the Home Depot wants to position itself and it’s brand a certain way to satisfy it’s base of customers and create consistency with its identity as a premium retailer of all things for the home.  This will likely extend into home automation, the internet of things as well.


One thing that Home Depot has: windows.  So why not sell window alarms or sensors? That is exactly what the company asked itself and decided to offer them to customers in their brick and mortar big box retail stores and their online e-commerce counterparts.

“Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.” – Herbert Hoover

Window Alarms at Home Depot

As mentioned earlier in this post, the Home Depot already carries a wide selection and variety of windows, window parts and accessories related to both doors and windows. It stands to reason that if you are putting in new windows or upgrading other structure windows, then you could also arm them with alarm systems and shop for both in one trip (or one visit to a website). The Home Depot is actively seeking customers in the home security and surveillance market anyway, so they are ordering products of varying quality to attract these customers. You can even get the batteries or cables needed to operate your security equipment from their stores. For convenience, reasons it seems like a no brainer but you might be wary of buying security products from a generic retailer and not a specialty security products retailer. So what does the Home Depot offer for window alarms?

Brands of Window Alarms Carried by the Home Depot

The Home Depot carries numerous brands of home and small business security and surveillance products including alarms. They specifically provide inventory of window alarms as well. The brands that Home Depot carries vary from well-known to newcomer. Trust is always important when it comes to brands. Have they stood the test of time? Are there reviews on new products that you are not familiar with or have not been in the industry long? Be sure to check reviews on these products prior to buying so you know what you are looking at in terms of quality, features and durability. Honest user reviews can help you narrow down your list from a smorgasboard of similar products of varying brand. So what brands does the Home Depot currently carry? Names include the following:

  • Ring
  • Defiant
  • Guardline
  • Doberman Security
  • Sabre Security
  • IDEAL Security
  • Elexa
  • SkyLink
  • GE
  • Swann
  • Trademark Global
  • Several Others

If you have specific questions about a particular system, brand or feature set of any of the products listed here or on the Home Depot website, you can contact Protect America to consult with them on DIY installation, particularly if you have already bought the products.


What About Door Sensors?

Yes, the Home Depot also carries a variety of door sensors as well. The door sensors are available from brands that were listed above and yes, the Home Depot also carries doors and door products so the marriage makes sense. Getting door and window sensors together also makes sense. You can protect your family members, property and other assets and feel secure with armed alarms around your house and other structures. You can buy the door alarms and window alarms right at Home Depot. You can install them yourself or call experts at Protect America for help on your project. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.