The importance of arming your home gives you and your family a great sense of security against intruders. A home invasion can change your life and with the proper security system in place, you may be able to thwart unsuspecting individuals from choosing your home to victimize. Home security systems come with a variety of features to help keep you safe. Window glass sensors are an option for your security package, but there are three things you should remember: are window and door sensors enough to protect your home, what’ the function of window glass sensors, and what do they do?


Are Door and Window Sensors Enough?

Door and window sensors are extremely popular for home and business owners when searching for the appropriate security company to protect your valuables. These devices come in two parts: the magnet and the sensor. The magnet is attached to the surface of the window or door. The sensor is placed on the frames facing the magnet. When the system is armed and this side-by-side connection is broken, the alarm will sound. The connection can be broken by lifted the window or opening the door. If a window is broken it’s possible that the alarm may not produce a noise without glass sensors.

The Function of Window Glass Sensors

Unlike window or door sensors, window glass sensors, also known as glass break sensors rely on sound. When glass breaks, it has a unique sound that glass sensors can detect. So, if someone decides to break the glass to enter your home or business, the window glass sensor can reliably determine when to sound the alarm based on the tone. Because some window glass sensors can detect breaking glass for large distances, they may be more cost effective. You could have one or two in a large room with lots of glass, such as a room with sliding glass doors as well as windows; instead of purchasing door and window sensors for each window or sliding glass door.

Window Glass Sensors Do:

  • Remain active in the “Stay” and “Away” modes. Many motion sensors are not active in when you set your alarm to “Stay”.
  • Need a direct “line of sight”, but it doesn’t need to point directly at the glass. Place the sensor near the ceiling, but not in a position where it will be blocked by a large armoire or bookshelf.
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    Sometimes people decide to have a security system, but don’t want the services of an alarm company. Without the monitoring services of companies that companies like Protect America can provide, you are essentially gambling your safety away. Deciding not to use a monitoring system could cost you a lot of money.

    According to the FBI’s yearly crime statistics, “Victims of property crimes (excluding arson) suffered losses estimated at $15.6 billion in 2016.”

    With an alarm company, you would have access to 24-hour live monitoring, which can send police or ambulatory services to assist you in an emergency. Check out to get starting on setting up a home security system for your home or business.