Have you ever tried to set your alarm and it seems the sensors are not working? The first instinct is to check all the windows. However, it could be a different issue entirely. Sensors have two parts, the magnet, and point of contact or surface. But, troubleshooting is rarely easy peasy.


The Trouble With Troubleshooting

Gaps between the magnets and surfaces are the natural go-to when trying to decipher if your window sensors are not working. But, rarely is anything that simple. The sensors can be either wireless or hardwired.

  • False signals, as with anything in life, could be the root of your issue. Weather is a factor. Changes in the climate may cause the window frame to expand or narrow, making the surface unreachable for the needed magnet. Checking in on your windows now and then after extreme weather is an excellent plan of action.
  • Kids, animals, or a random nudge against a window can do damage without you even realizing it. A single jostle can move the magnet enough that it will not meet the surface and will send you false signals.
  • Did you move furniture, recently? Or, did the kids play catch in the house? A damaged or pinched wire is a simple fix, but not always easy to find.
  • Showing faulted state is caused by the same issues that arise with false signals. Checking your window surfaces while you reluctantly dust is now on your to-do list.
  • Sometimes the window sensors simply do not activate. The pesky pinched wires may be the culprit, but it is more likely it is your batteries. Check your batteries!

Solutions To Sidestep Sensor Surface Breakdown

Once a week, add windows to your to-do list. We all hate dusting them, but it is a must-do. When you are groaning about cleaning, you also can check to ensure that every window is secure and sensors are working correctly.

Weather events are part of our lives here on Earth. Snow, rain, sleet, and the rare super mega cyclone, never-ending blizzard. Window frames and structural shifts take a hit when the weather changes, especially suddenly. Checking them after the storm has come and gone will soothe your nerves later when your sensors do not error out because of a weather-related gap.


It seems easy enough, right? Another addition to your never-ending list of chores and honey do’s is ensuring the batteries in your wireless window sensors are fully charged. Keeping extras is best practice if you want to remain secure.

As if climate shifts were not enough, human error is a regular cause for gaps between the sensor and magnet. Kids, visitors, moved furniture, all can rattle a window frame enough to cause your window sensors to throw an error. If everyone in the home can remember, windows in their personal space should need a regular check for misalignment.

Protecting You Through Protect America

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