Just about everything has sensors everywhere. Even the windows can have sensors in them. People who are more worried about security will not mind feeling that much safer. But, what are the best choices for sensors for the double hung windows? Just like all other security systems, one window sensor does not fit everyone. Protect America decided to look for what is desired in a window sensor. They believe that a sensor for double hung windows should have these four qualities:

  • Sound
  • Size
  • Setup
  • Location



This is the most important thing about an alarm. It has to alert the homeowner to people that should not be the house. The key is how loud to have the sound. Sirens will scare away the robbers as soon as that window is opened or broken. Soft beeping lets the home owner know that someone is coming into the room without scaring them to death. Depending on what is needed for the house, Top Ten Reviews reminds,

Most window alarm sensors are battery-powered and have varying power requirements.

If the home owner is willing to spend the money on batteries, they will not money how soft or loud the alarm is. With a loud alarm, the home owners can happily sleep so easily at night.

Best Choice: SABRE Elite Door/Window Sensor, GE, SecurityMan, and Doberman


Most home owners want to keep their window sensors hidden. Because of this, they will go for the smaller sizes. These are much easier to hide in the window. Having a big alarm will draw too much attention to the homeowners and may not look that appealing to the house design. Sensors that go from an inch to four inches wide can fit in any size of window in the home. Depending on the model of the double hung window, it can fit up to five sensors. There are a lot of different double hung window sizes. If you don’t know what size would work best for you there are plenty of double hung window size charts you can find on the internet.

Best Choice: Frontpoint Door/Window Sensor, GE, and Mace


When it comes to alarms in general, no one wants to put in the work of setting everything up. Sure, the home owner can hire a professional to set up the alarm, but those can end up costing money without looking around and doing the homework first. Everyone loves having an easy setup and installation. Alarm reviews suggest going wireless for the window alarms, saying,

If it is a professional installation, it may have a small plug that needs to be drilled into the door frame. This keeps it concealed however and looks better.

Having wires running freely through the house is not attractive and could be potentially dangerous. Plus, depending on the size of the house, the owner could have a particular number of them all around. If a person lives in a small place, they just need one alarm in the window. But if the place is bigger, the more alarms, the better.

Best Choice: iSmartAlarm Window/Door Sensor, SABRE Elite Door/Window Sensor, GE, Ideal Security, SecurityMan, and Simplisafe



Where should the window sensor go, inside or outside? It would make since to have the window sensors indoors. Keeping them hidden makes the sensors that much easier to protect the house from intruders. But, there are also choices for outside alarms as well. These could stop the intruder from breaking into the house much sooner. Either one is actually good for keeping the house safe.

Best Choice for Inside alarms: iSmartAlarm Window/Door Sensor, Doberman, Elk, Plug & Protect, and SecurityMan
Best Choice for Outside alarms: Elk and Plug & Protect

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