You want to keep your home secured, and the best way to protect your home from invasions is through a monitored security system. You are 33% less likely to be broken into when you have a security system.

A crucial element of home security is high-quality security cameras. Security cameras make your home more secure by allowing you to see what’s going on when you aren’t able to be home. Cameras mounted outside of your home tell potential intruders that you take your home security seriously.


You can secure your home with either wireless or wired security cameras. Here’s what you need to know about wired security cameras:

  • They’re wired. (It’s obvious but needs to be said.)
  • They must be installed near a power source, since they need to be connected to one.
  • They’re easy to disconnect, since the wiring can be cut or pulled away from the power source.
  • They outperform wireless security cameras in a number of ways, including the three provided below.

Wireless security cameras have garnered more attention in the past few years, but if you’re overlooking wired home security cameras, then you’re missing out.

Wired security cameras might be the answer to your security needs. Read on to find out three surprising facts.

The Image is Clear, Clear, Clear

Hands down, wired security cameras offer you a reliably clearer image of the area you are securing, which is important when it comes to securing your home. Just imagine having to identify someone or something from your video. You’ll want the clearest image possible to improve accuracy.

Why is it clearer? Video feed from your security cameras has more stable transmission when it’s wired as opposed to wireless. Your monitoring isn’t affected by weather or an unreliable wi-fi signal like wireless security cameras. A more stable video transmission means a clearer image for you.

The Video Feed is Interference-Free

Wired security cameras come in two different varieties: stand alone cameras or cameras wired directly to your home security control center. In both cases, other devices can’t interfere with the video transmission and your continued security isn’t dependent on internet access, which can prove unreliable in inclement weather or in remote locations. With wireless cameras that operate on wi-fi, other nearby wi-fi-enabled devices can interfere with the connection and leave you more susceptible to hacking or to gaps in monitoring.

There are no interruptions with wired security cameras. You don’t have to charge a wired camera, so as long as you have power, then you have security. You can install a backup power source for when your main power goes out.


The Price is oh, so Right

To ensure proper installation, you should leave setting up your security cameras to a professional, monitored security company. Protect America will walk you through the process. This is especially the case if you’re going with wired cameras as opposed to wireless, because wired cameras are trickier to install. With installation aside, the wired equipment is cheaper overall than wireless security cameras.

With so many household expenses to cut into your budget, don’t let the price stand in your way of quality home security. Wired security cameras might be the answer to your security needs.

If you’re interested in monitored home security that offers a lock-in rate and price matching, get a free quote from Protect America.