If you already have an existing security system installation that is hardwired at your home or business location that is no longer active but you want to make use of it, then you may just want to consider getting either a wired security system upgrade/modificaiton (or reinstallation) or a hybrid solution that consists of the existing wired infrastructure along with wireless security and monitoring solutions from a trusted home security solutions provider like Protect America. Choosing the best thing to do in a situation like this can be a bit tricky and the best thing to might be to talk to a qualified professional about your own particular situation as it relates to your own home security system setup.

Protect America is an expert in this arena. Call to talk to a qualified professional from Protect America. They can consult with you personally about your setup and location. This article discusses the options homeowners or business owners may have with hardwired electronic surveillance and business/home security systems. Continue reading the article to learn more about what the options are that are available and how to best make use of them for your own setup.


Choosing a Security System: Which is Better? A Hardwired or Wireless System Better?

Typically, wireless systems are the preferred choice by both the owner and the installation technicians that install your home security system.  That is because there is less cost and labor involved in their installation. Most modern systems incorporate wireless security and cloud storage. However, in the case that you may already have the wires and groundwork infrastructure setup laid for a home security or business security system, it may be cost efficient and time efficient to simply upgrade and reactivate the existing system with better and updated equipment from a professional source.

What is a Hybrid Security System Solution? What Does it Consist Of?

There is also a hybrid solution to consider for your home security system upgrade or installation. A hybrid solution consists of both hardwired and wireless technologies. They can often work out perfectly for homeowners or business owners that have an existing hardwired security setup but can incorporate new wireless cameras and other devices in the mix, allowing the to preseve some of the legacy equipment. That helps alleviate the cost of buying all new equipment to upgrade an existing hardwired solution. A mix of panels, hard (local) and cloud storage and applications can be configured in a hybrid manner to allow for more flexibility in routing and setup of legacy gear.

Installing Your Hardwired or Hybrid Security System Solution

You should always only consult with a qualified professional for home or business security solutions and their installation. Professionals in this field are trained, experienced and certified in all needed areas and their work is often guaranteed in some way. Your’s is not. It can often cost more to fix up a broken or misconfigured system. Trust the professionals that do it on a regular basis. They are quick and competitive in pricing. That is certainly the case with Protect America, who has years of experience in this field.


Cost of Hardwired Security System Installations

The cost of a traditional hardwired security solution with monitoring for your home or business can be more expensive and labor intensive than a wireless system because of the infrastructure work that is required onsite. It also will take much longer to complete the installation of a wired security system, with traced lines that run behind walls of the strucuture being one major reason. If you are simply working from the existing infrastructure (the wires that are already present behind walls), your installation technician will still need to follow the lines and likely make adjustments, replacements, upgrades, etc. to the existing infrastructure. That might mean getting inside there and/or behind those walls. All this adds to the cost of installing a professoinal security system solution at your home or office locaiton.

Call a Qualified Pro in Home Security Rather Than Go DIY

You can consult with them for free. Tell them about your situation and what obstacles there are. Discuss your budget and what you want, exactly. They will handle the rest.

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