Alarm systems have come a long way. In the old days, home security systems use to be a luxury but thanks to cost effect innovation, an alarm system can now be in every home. Home security systems are now smaller and a lot easier to install.

Thanks to GE, Protect America is able offer wireless home security at a very reasonable cost. Offering the Simon XT wireless home security system, Protect America has been able to secure hundreds of thousands of homes and customers in the U.S.

Protect America continues to grow as a company, and the products we can offer are simply amazing. Being able to control your home security system from your smart phone can be pretty amazing. The systems we offer are completely wireless. Your senors are completely wireless, and can be hung up with Velcro, tape, or even with a screw for the best support. Now when I say sensors this means, micro sensors (the ones that go on your door or windows), glass break detectors, motions detectors, fire detectors, freeze sensors, and flood sensors. All of these products and everything we offer communicate with your control panel using RF signals.

Most recently Protect America has been highly recommending a cellular alarm system. This means your home security system operates without needing a phone line, or broadband connection. This also means it uses radio towers to communicate your panel to the monitoring station. So if a burglar would want to cut your phone lines, they couldn’t because your home security system doesn’t have any. The only chord or “wire” your alarm system has is if you get the wireless alarm system, is the electrical chord that keeps power to the actual base of the system. Your home security panel will have a back up battery already installed that is rechargeable, and if the power goes out, the security system will have power for up to 24 hours.

Wireless alarm systems are the way of the future and will only become better with innovation and time. Protect America is one of the companies that continues to grow with this trend and with its customers needs for home security. Being able to provide peace of mind is priceless.

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