There are few things in life as important as staying safe and protecting important property. Securing a home is obviously something that will be on the minds of homeowners everywhere. While there are a wide variety of different security systems available, many homeowners have chosen, to this point, not to take advantage of them.


According to statistics gathered by the Department of Justice, nearly 66% of all break-ins will happen at a residential property. With break-ins and burglaries so prevalent, wouldn’t an enhanced security system be worth the investment? Today’s discussion will be centered on wireless home security cameras, what they can do, and the different options that homeowners can pursue. Let’s get right to the point and start our research.

Understanding The Importance Of Wireless Home Security Cameras?

What is the cost of peace-of-mind? How much are homeowners willing to pay in order to feel comfortable when they go to sleep at night? Perhaps this is the wrong approach to take. Instead of talking about cost, we should instead be focusing on options. When it comes to wireless home security cameras, there are more than a couple of options to consider.

According to the Department of Justice, only 17% of homes are equipped with security systems. This means that the vast majority of the population currently is not equipped to properly deter and record their potential home intruders.

Since we are discussing wireless home security options, today’s discussion will be centered around the major choices that each homeowner must make while they are shopping. In order to pair a homeowner with the right security system, a few key questions must be answered. Let’s lay out these questions so that they may be answered. Once these questions have been completed, moving on to the outlined discussion of wireless home security options is advised.

1. Do I want my wireless security cameras outside of my home?

2. How do I want my wireless system to interact with my home? Zigbee? WiFi? Bluetooth?

3. Am I comfortable relying on an un-monitored system?

4. How big is my house and how many cameras will I need to properly cover it?

Once these major questions are answered, homeowners can move on to the next portion of our discussion. After laying a foundation of customized knowledge, it will become much easier to find the right product.


Weighing The Options: Which Wireless System Is Right For Me?

With the foundation of personalized knowledge laid out, the discussion can shift more effectively to the details that go into selecting a system. Wireless security camera systems occupy an important space in the range of home security options. Wireless options are typically more affordable than the thorough, hard-wired systems offered by traditional security teams. With that being said, wireless systems are able to be competitive with any other system on the market. Here are the choices that every homeowner will have to make as they look through different wireless system options.

Video Quality – First and foremost, wireless video camera systems can range in video quality from something as simple as 420p all the way to 1080p. The difference in video quality is important and a big reason why homeowners are turning to systems offered by Protect America.

Color Or B/W – Next up, homeowners will have to decide how important color is during recording. There are many color wireless security cameras available and many black and white options, as well. There are practical reasons to opt for B/W but security systems seem to be leaning toward color as it gives the best image possible.

Memory – Wireless systems can rely on memory cards, hard drives, or cloud storage.

Connection Type – Finally, connection type has to be considered when shopping for a wireless security camera system. Does the system connect via 3G?  Bluetooth? WiFi? ZigBee? There are different benefits and negatives for each type.

Protect America Can Help Secure You Today

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