Protect America offers a security system that is very easy to set up. The Simon XT alarm system comes with an easy-setup DVD. When you get your system we ask that you call in to have one of our experienced home security technicians walk with you over the phone to install it.

The process typically can take up to about 30 minutes to an hour after testing everything and making sure its good to go. When you get the alarm system it is already pre-programmed with all the equipment you ordered to help with the installation process. All the sensors are labeled accordingly so you know what to name each sensor, and where to place it.

The wireless home security set up is great, and can easily be set up by anyone. From college students to stay at home moms, we have all types of customers that enjoy setting up their system. An enjoyable installation process and great day to day use; the Simon XT system boasts one of the best home security systems in the industry.

Having a wireless security system can help ease your family’s mind and make all the difference.

From the every-day feedback we get from customers, we hear how great the alarm systems is. We recommend to make time on a certain day to install you alarm system. If you have any question on how to obtain a free alarm system from Protect America, feel free to fill out the form on the right and a Protect America rep will give you a call.