From wireless activated thermostats to wireless controlled lights, you can now do it all with your home security service. Did you know Protect America’s app, SMART Connect can do it all? The app currently features capabilities to arm/disarm, control appliance modules for fixtures like lamps, lights, and coffee makers. You can also view, pan and zoom in on a camera surveillance camera.

Home Security is the Future

Alarm systems will only continue to get more sophisticated. Soon you will see more features introduced. A lot of the new features are options to be able to control different products in your home.

You’ll be able to control blinds, TVs, stereos, dish washers and other digital products. Basically anything you can control with a remote, you’ll be able to control with a with home security apps. The alarm system will always be the main option but including these features will only increase security among homeowners and give people the appeal to actually consider home security.

Not only are these features becoming more high-tech but also the cost and affordability is within reach of many consumers.

Wireless Home Security Systems

Home security systems now communicate through a wireless means. No need to wire your system or hire a tech. This also allows you to customize your security system the way that you want. If you happen to move, it’s easy to just pick up the system and take it with you.

The systems sensors communicate through RF signals. You simply hang the system sensors on doors or windows, and if it’s a smoke detector, glass break sensor or motion; your security rep will help you install it strategically.

Protect America offers its packages starting at only 19.99. For more information call now 888-951-5136