Home security systems provide relief and support during emergent and/or disaster situations.  However, when choosing between different security systems, be sure to consider the options featuring wireless home security.

Home security systems have been around for a long time, but they haven’t always been wireless. They typically were bigger, bulky, and came with lots of wires that an experienced service technician would have to install by drilling holes in your wall. These systems are known for being hard to work on, expensive to fix, and usually tend to be aggravating to maintain.

Wireless home security systems are now a lot easier to fix, less costly to maintain, and are so easy to set up and install that you can you do it yourself!

Wireless & Cellular Home Security: The Difference

A lot of times when it comes to home security people tend to get the words cellular and wireless mixed up, or think they mean they same thing. Wireless simply means that a home security system has no wires and wireless sensors. This means that all of your sensors, such as motion detectors, glass break sensors, door/window sensors are connected to your systems through an RF (radio frequency) signal. Now while the base of your system may have to connect to a power supply to keep the your home security powered, all other sensors operate off of small batteries that will last typically around five years.

Cellular is actually a type of monitoring. The monitoring of your home security system is how it connects and sends signals if alarms go off in your home. At times people say wireless system because their cellular system does not have any wires that connect the monitoring. Unlike broadband and landline, these both have wires such as a phone line or Ethernet chord which help the systems sends signals to the monitoring station.

The Best Wireless Home Security System

At Protect America we offer the best wireless home security system, the Simon XT. This system has evolved over the years from its designers and manufacturers, General Electric better known as GE. The easy to install product is made for simplicity. You can easily arm your system while it provides the best home security solution for your home.

With a capacity of up to 40 sensors, you can add all the different type of sensors you need to properly protect your home. Whether it’s flood sensors, CO2 sensors, a garage door sensor, or extra door and window sensors, you can protect your home the way you need.

Protect America offers customized home security to fit your life. This means complete home security at an affordable price for you. Don’t break the bank and get the home security you need.

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