Home security systems and home alarm systems (including wireless home security) provide support necessary to give you peace of mind. They do this by keeping you prepared for unplanned events.

More often than not, home security systems are thought only to be useful during a burglary. However, security systems have much greater use and can, in fact, save your life during a medical emergency, natural disaster, or any number of situations.

Home Security System During Medical Emergencies

Many consumers are well aware of medical alert technology that calls for assistance in the event you have fallen and can’t get up. However, this functionality exists on many home security systems, including the Simon XT home security system offered by Protect America. During a medical episode, users can press a button on the optional Medical Panic Pendant that alerts our monitoring center of an emergency. This pendant is pre-programmed to specifically issue a medical alert, meaning help will still come even if the user has become unresponsive.

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Home Security Systems During Natural Disasters

A wireless home security system can be used in a variety of natural disasters, like flooding, extreme cold temperatures, or wildfires. When creating your specific Simon XT security package, you have the option of including additional equipment that can save lives and property during a natural disaster. Protect America’s flood sensors can detect as little as one inch of water and are perfect for basements and garages. Extreme temperatures can often damage homes, especially when homeowners are away.

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Home Security Systems in Other Situations

Wireless home alarm systems are incredibly diverse and can help defend against an array of threats. Interactive security cameras can help collect evidence against burglars or just keep an eye on the kids while at work.