Home security systems haven’t always been wireless. They use to be big, bulky and came with a lot of wires. Often, these home security systems always had to be wired throughout the home and would be monitored using your home phone line. Only trained technicians would be able to fix them if they ever had an issue. These systems were complicated and resulted in a headache rather than peace of mind.

With modern day advancements, home security systems are now wireless, a lot smaller and much more easy to use. One could say that these home security systems are made for your home.

At Protect America we offer wireless manufactured home security systems. These systems are made for optimal use and offer quality while giving you peace of mind. Not only are the systems easy to use, but you can easily install, move and maintain your system all on your own.

Our home security experts are always standing by to give you the help you need when you need or if you just have questions.

Every home security package is customized to your home. Whether you have 2 doors or 20 doors, or even 15 windows or 2, each home security system can have up to 40 sensors. We will give you a security expert to give you advice on what to cover when it comes to setting up your security system. They will let you know what areas you may be vulnerable in and help you understand they way each part of the security system work.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and get your home protected.

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