Some wireless home security systems are better than others. Home security company reviews  are very informative in making a choice for your family and house. Each company takes a different approach to their product, resulting in wireless home security systems that vary in quality. In general, wired home security systems are more common due to large security companies preferring wired units. (They’re more profitable for such companies.)

What Makes For a Good Wireless Home Security System?

Finding the right wireless home security system can be a little difficult. For every manufacturer that provide quality equipment, there are dozens that don’t. A quality wireless home security system should be UL-listed and meet standards outlined by the Federal Communications Commission. Other desirable features include additional security accessories, such as security cameras, smoke detectors, and flood sensors.

Home Security Company Reviews of Manufacturers

Companies that manufacture home security systems tend to specialize in either wired or wireless units. Wireless home security system manufacturers are often large multi-national corporations that produce a wide range of products.

Security Review

The most popular model wireless home security system produced by Security (also known as interlogix) is the Simon XT. This wireless security system is popular among security companies and DIY enthusiasts. Capable of self-monitoring, the Simon XT can also support broadband, landline, and cellular monitoring technologies. A self-monitored Simon XT will include 3 door/window detectors, 1 motion detector, 1 keychain remote control, and a control pad. Home security company reviews that provide Simon XT packages, like Protect America, will typically provide enough customers with enough sensors to cover their entire home when they order a monitoring solution.

Honeywell Lynx Review

Honeywell is a major manufacturer of technology products ranging from thermostats to defense satellites. The company also produces wireless home alarm systems, the most popular of which is the L5000. Though primarily intended for DIY use, Honeywell wireless security systems are offered by a number of home security companies. The standard L5000 wireless security package includes two door/window sensors, one motion detector, and a control panel.

Swann Communications Review

Another wireless home security system intended for DIY use, the SW347-WA2 produced by Swann Communications can let users monitor their home without additional monitoring fees. This means that ONLY the user is notified when their alarm is activated. Most home security systems are connected to some type of monitoring facility that notifies emergency personnel in case of fire or break in. Using a wireless home security system without a monitoring solution risks missing an alarm notification. This system includes 2 door/window sensors, 2 motion detectors, and a control panel.

How to Choose a Wireless Home Security System?

Selecting a wireless alarm system for your home can be incredibly easy. After doing the proper research, you will need to determine what you want from your home security. Do you want to do it yourself? Do you want comprehensive security? These are questions only a customer can answer but many people will try to do that for you. Most customers want a simple wireless system that offers affordable peace of mind. Start by contacting a few home security companies to get a quote and determine what might work for you.

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