Wireless home security systems refer to alarm systems that utilize wireless signals to communicate between sensors and the main control panel. Most wireless home security systems allow for the addition of home security accessories, like motion detectors and interactive home video security cameras.

Best Wireless Home Security Systems

The best wireless home security system will largely depend on the specific needs of the user. Some wireless home security systems available through online and retail outlets can provide up to 5 sensors and a motion detector for around a $500. Users of these do-it-yourself wireless security systems will have to install and operate these units themselves. Users will be responsible for installation and response to any alarm activation.

Most users will find wireless alarm systems offered by a home security company to be the most convenient wireless home security solution. These wireless home security systems typically include installation and technical support as long as a monitoring solution is in place. Home security companies, like Protect America, offer replacement parts warranties and connectivity with landline, broadband, and cellular options.

Simon XT Wireless Home Security System

The Simon XT is the recognized standard for quality wireless home security systems. A Simon XT wireless home security system available from Protect America comes with enough door/window sensors to cover every point of entry into your home. Home security accessories, like interactive home security cameras and smoke detectors, are also available for the Simon XT.

Simon XT Wireless Home Alarm System Features

A Simon XT security package from Protect America has:

  • Wireless control panel
  • Wireless door/window sensors
  • Yard sign and window stickers
  • Motion detector

How Do I Get a Home Security System?

It’s important to do your research when purchasing a wireless home security system. Wireless home alarm systems offered at retail stores and websites have a limited number of sensors. The best course of action would be to speak to a home security expert that can answer pricing and technical questions. Protect America home security experts are available to answer your questions while finding the right solution for the security of your home.