A security system with video capability has become increasingly useful for home protection. With improvements in technology, users are able to securely monitor their cameras from anywhere in the world. If your considering a home security camera or looking for home security in general, Protect America has the most affordable quality home security technology out there.

Why do I need wireless security cameras?

Most home security systems are perfectly fine without video cameras. In general, security video is an additional feature and rarely included with home security systems. Many business packages offered by security companies often include security cameras. The best reason to add a security camera to your security system is peace of mind. Having a security system can be reassuring but nothing puts the mind at ease like seeing it with your own eyes.

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Check-in on family members or an empty home with live footage streaming directly to your smartphone. Easily monitor maintenance workers, pets or babysitters by accessing your home’s secure LIVE video feed while at work or even on vacation. Protect America makes it easy to put interactive video surveillance in your pocket!

How it works

Protect America home security cameras begin recording during an alarm, store footage in your private online account and give you access to live video footage whenever you wish. We can even text you when your video camera detects movement. With Protect America video security, you have the ultimate control of your family’s safety. Simply check it out through our SMART Connect App!

Unfortunately, home video security cameras work best after the worst has already happened. Police and investigators are finding security cameras increasingly helpful when solving robberies, break-ins, and other crimes. While a home security system can protect your home from damage and theft, home video security cameras actually collect evidence against perpetrators.

Improved interactive technology lets users access the live feed from their home video security cameras from Internet-enabled computers and most smartphones. This has become especially useful for concerned parents that want to check on the babysitter while enjoying a night out. Reported uses of home video security cameras also include monitoring maintenance workers and pets.

WiFi compatible cameras give you the true freedom of placing them in the most effective spots. No need to worry about drilling or awkward wires. Protect America home security cameras begin recording during an alarm, store footage in your private online account and give you access to live video footage whenever you wish. Ask one of our security experts for more information!

What to look for in a wireless video camera

A quality, modern security camera for your home should include interactive access, a footage archive, and the ability to move the camera remotely. Home video security cameras can also include night vision and infrared capabilities. Protect America’s cameras have low light capability built right into the video. That way our security camera captures images at night or in the dark. Protect America’s cameras are also infrared designed. This will restrict you from putting it outside. However, if you want to monitor an area like your front porch, simply point the camera outside through the window!

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