Cars, bikes, tools, oh my! A garage can be a wondrous place for a burglar. As summer begins its downward spiral and the season’s toys are put away, it’s important to remember that the garage is a very common target for thieves.

Never leave your garage door open! It could take mere seconds for a passerby to walk out of your garage with thousands of dollars in possessions. Things like power tools are easily transportable and can be expensive to replace, while cars parked in garages are vulnerable to a quick and camouflaged break-in.

Garages attached to houses give home invaders the perfect amount of privacy to open a second door and enter a home. Lock the house door inside your garage!

A burglar would no doubt be delighted to find your garage door up but could also force it open. Remember – It’s easier for criminals to park a car in your driveway and have some privacy than to break into your front door in full view of the neighborhood.

Little do they know, homeowners across the country have begun to combat this problem with wireless garage door sensors. These useful devices sound an alarm and notify a monitoring facility when your garage has been opened without permission, and can be armed/disarmed with the rest of your system by the touch of a keychain button.

The Take Away:

  • Be aware that your garage is a favorite entry point for burglars!
  • Never leave a garage door open for very long.
  • Lock the house door inside your garage.
  • Have a garage door sensor. They’re inexpensive and well worth the investment.

Call 1-800-951-5149 for more information on wireless garage door sensors – on sale this month!