How would you like having a 24-hour helper who abides by your every command, but doesn’t require lodging, vacation time or a retirement plan? Enter the Google Home integrated with Z-Wave; this integration creates an automated system that will change your life.

Before we dive into how Z-Wave and Google Home working together can simplify your hassle, let’s go through a little backstory on the smart speaker. Google Home is an innovative voice-activated speaker, designed to help you stream music, manage everyday tasks, and control smart home products, to help you build a smart home that’s more organized, secure, and fun.

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    How does Google Home Work?

    Here is the Process:

    • Open Google voice search on a cell phone and access the voice search application.
    • The AutoVoice app can capture a Google voice command.
    • Create a profile which is activated by an AutoVoice Recognize order.
    • Configure that profile to activate a Z-Wave scene using the automation app’s built-in plugin.

    Smart functions include setting alarms, streaming music or accessing the daily news, and much more. It allows commands to be sent to Z-Wave devices so you can use the features of smart products and employ the power of each with voice control. And because there is a wide range of devices you can connect to the Z-Wave network, the opportunities for convenience and comfort are limitless and customizable.


    You will need:

      • Google Home Voice Assistant
      • Mobile (Android | IOS)
      • HS3 software (requires version or later)
      • MyHomeSeer Remote web service account

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    Z-Wave Controllers and Hubs for Google Home

    Z-Wave allows you to manage and direct devices with your voice through Google. However, Google Home will not control Z-Wave devices directly. It must be connected with a home automation hub. The smart home network starts with a central hub. Manage your automation with Samsung, Wink, or Smart Thing, to make integration of Google easier such as Google Home lights.

    Once you have selected a hub for your Z-Wave system, Google Home will be all set to voice activate your light bulbs, thermostats, locks and other devices. This will allow total access to all your devices and catapult your home into the future.

    Now you’re able to use Google Voice to control your home automation scenes and products. For example, you can say “Hey Google, turn the outside lights off,” . If you want to adjust the lighting on your smart dimmer switch to a certain level, your Google Home can help you there, too. Just say something like, “Turn the hallway lamp to 35!”. You can control other rooms in your home when you say “Okay Google, turn off the bathroom fan,” while you watch football, or chop vegetables, or even when you are away from home.

    From smart lights to automated climate control, using home security system with other aspects of home automation has never been easier. This includes a Z-Wave garage controller that lets you close or open garage doors from the comfort of wherever you may be inside your home.

    “Artificial intelligence has enabled sophisticated voice control, and consumers desire to interact with devices in a natural way that fits into their everyday lives.”

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    Monitored Systems

    Monitored security systems are those observed by a professional security agency. When the system discovers an emergency, it notifies the home security company and/or emergency responders. When your security system is connected to a smart speaker like Google Home, you’re giving your household the convenience to secure your home with the sound of your voice.

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