The lights are slowly dimming as you sink into your favorite chair on a Friday night. You lean back as the lights turn off and a movie starts playing on your screen on command. You pause and realize that you failed to prepare snacks, but that’s not a problem, your automated microwave can start popping those kernels for you downstairs while the film begins, even though the popcorn can’t transport itself to the room for you. That sort of technology hasn’t been worked out quite yet. The home automation utopia hasn’t fully arrived, but this realm technology is already slowly changing the ways you interact with your home and life. The rampant progress of smart tech isn’t slowing down, and the home tech sphere still has a lot of room to grow and improve. Here are four of our favorite surprise uses of home automation.

Home Automation for Everyone

1. Communicate With the Family

With two-way talk and cameras in various parts of the home, you can send your significant other or kids a direct voice-message anytime you need them through a home automated smart app.

Maybe you need to alert the family that dinner is ready, or maybe you’re in the living room yourself and want to send a PSA that you’re in need of snacks or other supplies.

2. Water the Front Yard

While Protect America does offer home automation, we don’t offer this service. However, it is interesting to note that home automation has made it’s way to the front yard.

Through gadgets like Rachio and Smart Garden Hub, homeowners can attach their smartphone to their irrigation systems. They can make sure their crisp green grass sticks to its watering schedule from the comfort of their home, or an airplane runway before the stewardess asks to turn off all electronics — unless you have in-flight Wifi. Then you’re covered everywhere.

3. Throw a Dance Party

This feature is an Alexa exclusive, the smart voice tool that is a home automated version of Siri and available via Amazon.

You might have seen the commercial, but users that have the Alexa smart home tool can ask the smart voice to turn gadgets off and on. This means sending the command to Alexa that you need some snazzy beats in the living room, because when is it ever a bad time for a dance party?

If you want to skip the dance party, you can simply smother Alexis with a stream of consciousness set of questions. See if she can keep up, be clever, or how deep the smart voice can get in a questionnaire.

Amazon Echo Dot

4. Lock the Door

This option isn’t so much a surprise, but extremely useful, and some homeowners may not have realized that home automation extends further than simply opening and closing the garage or arming and disarming the system.

Home automation can connect with your door-locks to help you make sure that you’re home is always safe and secure via smartphone apps.

Closing Thoughts on Home Automation

Regardless of how you decide to use your home automation tools, there are surprising, useful, and extremely convenient options for everyone.

Do you have any creative uses for home automation tools? Let us know on social media!