Technology is constantly evolving. For example, phones are folding open, headphones are losing their cords and homes are getting smarter. But one thing that hasn’t changed is Qolsys IQ Panel 2’s ability to make the lives of homeowner’s much easier. The sleek award-winning security panel is an attention-grabber that looks nothing like its bulky predecessors. It’s also packed with an assortment of features that can help you stay connected to your home even when you’re miles away. Continue reading to learn more about how the IQ2 panel is the perfect source of fuss-free security for your home.

LTE Connectivity

We’ve been hearing about LTE coverage for a decade now, but security panels have yet to grow equipped with the same cloud coverage as the smartphones we tow around in our pockets. 

That’s all changed with the IQ2 panel, designed with dual-path LTE to allow for faster speed so you can quickly arm, disarm or change settings to your system. The IQ2 panel also has Wi-Fi connectivity to keep your home connected to the cloud and ready for important software updates. 


Geofencing sounds intense, doesn’t it? Perhaps like one of those physical education courses you avoided in high school? Don’t worry, the term defines a location-based service powered by Wi-Fi to trigger a pre-programmed action when a mobile device exits a virtual boundary established around a geographical location. The geographical location is your geofence.

You can activate the geofence on your IQ2 panel to keep your family connected and in control of your home even when you’re far away. So the next time you forget to shut the garage, lock the front door or turn off that lamp in the living room, the geofence will send a notification to your smartphone prompting you to secure your home using the pre-programmed actions.

Keep in mind geofencing can only operate within a 100-mile radius.

Bluetooth Disarming

Similar to geofencing, Bluetooth disarming is available to provide homeowners with versatility and stress-free living. How so? From allowing families to attach up to 5 smartphone devices to their IQ2 panel and other smart devices offered at Protect America. Once connected, your smartphone will automatically disarm your system when it becomes within range of your home. Bluetooth disarming can also unlock doors and turn on lights. 

With Bluetooth disarming you no longer have to worry about sprinting to your panel to disarm before the siren goes off. It also leaves you with one less password to remember. Family members with a disability preventing them from reaching certain heights can also find comfort with touchless disarming.

Woman approaching home with Bluetooth Disarming feature activated.

5-Megapixel Camera

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew who was disarming your panel? And wouldn’t it be great if you knew when that someone entered your home? With the IQ2 panel, you can do both. 

Thanks to its 5-megapixel camera, homeowners can capture clear images of whoever disarms their system. The panel also provides the date, time and name of the disarmer for added clarity. This feature can be beneficial for parents looking to monitor when their children have returned home from school. 

Contemporary Design

After installing the IQ2 panel, guests might confuse your security system for a tablet. For this, you can thank the smart panel’s thin build and 7-inch touchscreen. The panel’s lightweight infrastructure makes it easy to carry and move around from room to room while its swipe-able interface is easy-to-use, making it a device well-suited for the whole family. Did your family just return from a big vacation? Ditch the traditional picture frames for the IQ2 panel’s photo frame. Just load in a Micro-SD card and create a slideshow of your family’s favorite images. You can always go back to delete or add new images.  

Take Your Home Security to the Next Level

The IQ2 Panel is more than equipped to keep you and your family protected while staying connected to your home. Integrate the panel today to your collection of other smart devices offered at Protect America to create and enjoy a comfortable and convenient ecosystem.