Home automation is a relatively new service that automates household chores and activities, like turning lights off and on. Some advanced home automation service can include functions for temperature control and recording TV shows. Customers that are interested in home automation will want to research their available options. Companies that offer home automation services include security companies and cable providers.

The future of home automation will bring amazing new technologies into your home while taking care of those annoying little chores everyone hates. Soon, homes across the world will help their owners clean, cook, and much more. Here’s a short list of the advances in home automation you can expect in the coming years…

Entertainment that Travels with You from Room to Room

One of the more desirable features of home automation through a cable provider is integration with your television. People with home automation service can use computers or smartphones to set their cable boxes to record specific shows. While these features are interesting, they are pretty limited compared to available technology.

Soon, home automation customers (the ones that use cable companies anyway) will have their entertainment follow them as they move around the house. Versions of this technology already exist, especially for cable customers with tablets. Many users have the option of continuing a show on their tablet, computer, or smartphone as they move from one room to another. But we’re talking about something even cooler. Imagine walking from one room and having your show “follow” you. Versions of this technology already exist using motion sensors but the end result could be better. In late 2011, Apple considered making a TV with motion activation ability. This would’ve been a major step toward TV that follows your around the house but Apple ultimately decided to scrap the project.

Do Everything with Your Voice

Voice controls are nothing new. From Siri to the XBOX Kinect, voice control technologies are slowly become more and more acceptable to mainstream consumers. Soon, however, home automation is going to take voice control to awesome new heights.

This is a video of largely simulated technology. Some incredibly advanced smart homes (like the one occupied by Bill Gates and his family) are alleged to already have substantial voice control ability. Everything from lighting to temperature to security can be handled with a few voice commands. This level of voice control isn’t quite available to the mainstream home automation customers just yet.

A House that Can Save Your Life

One day, your house could just save your life. This advance in home automation tech is, by far, the furthest from actually being achieved. Like the examples above, versions of this technology already exist today. One Japanese company makes a toilet that analyzes urine samples and even reports the results to your physician. But this isn’t the type of home automation we’re talking about. In the future, features like a urine analyzing toilet should come standard with your home automation service.

Home automation in the future could be capable of monitoring your vital signs as you go about your daily activities. In case of an emergency, like a heart attack or a stroke, your system can recognize the danger and contact the proper authorities. This type of technology is really far off so I wouldn’t expect this to be an option on your cable bundle anytime soon.