More and more homes are turning to automation these days. It is easy to see why. The disabled and the elderly can use this to help them get around the house. They can just give a voice command and the house just does the rest for them. Automation mixed with home security makes life for the human race that much easier. But, there are some things that everyone might not know about it. Protect America decided to do a little investigation into this evolving trend of home automation. They found three surprising things.

  • Automation installation is not cheap
  • Automation can water the plants
  • Automation is not done yet


Automation Installation is Not Cheap

Just like all pieces of technology, automation is not cheap. It all comes back to that old balance of getting good quality protection and saving money. More often than not, most people end up having to choose one or the other. SecureLife lists off facts for the prices along with other stats about home automation and security. One fact goes,

Professionally installed home automation systems start around $2,000 and can easily reach $10,000 or more, depending on the system’s size.

Their advice is to go for $1000 per room. And that is just installation alone. Equipment is never cheap to begin with. Wi-Fi thermostats can cost between $150 to $300. Maintenance, repairs, and monthly fees can add up and eat through the bank account if the home owner is not careful. Plus, there is the chance of not really getting their money’s worth in the end. The smartest thing to do is to do the homework before making the purchase. Listen to what other reviewers are saying. Compare different plans. Decide what features will be useful. Once everything has met with satisfaction, go ahead and make the purchase. There are some insurance companies could help cover the costs. It is safe to make a phone call and ask.

Automation can Water the Plants

Automation can do some much around the house. It looks the doors, turns on the lights, turn on electronic around the house, control the temperature of the house, and keep the house safe while the home owner is on vacation. Things can be accomplished with just one push of a button. But what if automation can do simple chores like gardening? Digital Landing says that some companies are using the automation to turn on the home owner’s watering system to take care of the outdoor plants. This could be great for people with arthritis and cannot move around as much as they used to. All the home owner would have to do is harvest the plants and enjoy them. With that thought in mind, what else could home automation can do?


Automation is Not Done Yet

Automation is just like everything else in the world of technology. It has already come far enough for face and voice recognition. Life has been made much easier because of houses being made smart with it. Automation can take care of the house and the chores. The security part of the system is smart enough not to set off the alarm to every single person who comes to the door. Automation can send alerts to smartphones to let the home owner know that someone is breaking into their house. Back-up batteries can keep systems running every single day. In one country, automation could identify a person with their body odor. Automation works to reduce the use of energy and help save money in the long run. But, there is the human curiosity that is will to push it further than possible.

Maybe more robots will run with automation. Maybe humans could try to control automation with something as simple as tapping their wrists. The house could fix itself when something gets broken. While automation is still far off from what is seen in sci-fi, there is still time for automation to play the catch up game. Human will always come up with new ways to improve and evolve automation.

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