When programmable thermostats, coffee makers and digital video recorders were first introduced to the market, tech heads everywhere knew it was only a matter of time before complete home automation solutions in a security system became a reality. That day is here, and it is the dawn of a new age of convenient and comfortable living. According to management consultants at Strategy Analytics,

Consumer spending for home automation products and services is set to rise to $39 billion by 2019.

Intuitive smart home appliances and efficient energy management are the things that often come to mind when one thinks of home automation. As a leader in the home security industry, we understand that property protection and safeguards are also inextricable parts of viable home automation solutions. Let’s look at how today’s popular home security and safety products work with modern smart home systems.


Protect America Home Security and Automation Using Z-Wave Technology

At Protect America, we believe that security is the primary pillar of the home automation concept. While we may understandably be a little biased, it just makes sense that protecting your loved ones and your hard-earned physical assets should be of the utmost importance. That is why our state-of-the-art, monitored security and hazard detection devices are the springboards for our integrated home automation solutions. For instance, our cameras and motion detectors interface with smart lighting, thermostats and entertainment systems through Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. This seamless integration of security products into home automation systems results in an unparalleled level of comfort, convenience and safety for our customers. This is made possible through the use of Z-Wave technology , which is a communication protocol that uses radio frequency signals to connect compatible smart home devices.

Vivint Smart Home and Security

As a seasoned player in the home security market, it was relatively easy for Vivint to make the leap to become both a security and home automation company. Vivint has developed an array of quality security devices that now work together with its home automation tools for an impressive smart home experience. Here are the basic components of its home automation package.

  • Central control touchscreen SkyControl Panel
  • Indoor security camera
  • Doorbell camera
  • Kwikset-brand smart door locks
  • Garage door control
  • Intuitive, smart thermostat

Arguably, the star of Vivint’s home automation show is its Element thermostat. The programmable climate controller learns your habits and automatically adjusts temperatures based on your routine. The company’s incorporation of Kwikset’s smart locks allows users to program locks with codes so that house guests can come and go freely during their stay. Vivint’s home security and automation packages can be activated and controlled by users from nearly anywhere via its mobile application. Its products are also Amazon Echo-enabled for hands-free operation through the Alexa voice assistant.

ADT and Samsung SmartThings

While Protect America and Vivint entered the smart home market by developing their own integrated, smart home tools for the most part, home security giants like ADT captured market share by partnering with companies that were already well-known for their home automation tools. When ADT Security joined with Samsung SmartThings, it was able to deliver integrated home automation solutions that were both user-friendly and scalable. Samsung designed its products to be compatible with a host of other branded home electronics such as:

  • Sylvania lights and dimmers
  • Bose sound systems
  • Amazon voice assistant

ADT’s motion detectors, security cameras and alarms complete the picture of a smart home that is based on comfort, convenience and safety.

Honeywell International and Savant Systems Home Automation

Honeywell is a multinational conglomerate that ventured into the home security industry years ago with much success. Like ADT, it decided to partner with a leader in home automation to gain a foothold into the smart home playing field. Its chosen collaborator for home automation is Savant Systems, which is known for its premium smart home tools and user experience. Home automation solutions from the duo integrate climate, lighting, entertainment and security through Savant’s powerful software.

Final Thoughts

One important element that these home automation solutions have in common is professionally monitored security. Without 24-hour a day protection, your smart home just wouldn’t be as smart. Ready to transform your residence into a modern, smart home with the latest home automation software and appliances? Contact Protect America for a free evaluation of your home security and automation needs.