The home security industry is continuing to skyrocket, generating more than $4 billion annually throughout the United States alone. With the ability to deter burglars by up to 300% with the installation of a home security system, it is no wonder more homeowners than ever are searching for the best home security company to protect their homes and loved ones.

With the rise in home security, home automation has become more popular than ever with both technology enthusiasts as well as individuals who want the best products available on the market when it comes to protecting their homes and families. Understanding the full possibilities available with home automation is a way to determine the best home security provider for your household.


Live Video Feeds

You are no longer limited to solely using your home automation mobile app to arm and disarm your home’s security alarm. Home automation now allows you to access live video feeds using any security cameras you have installed in your home or surrounding your property. Using a live video feed with your mobile app and home automation is ideal whether you travel frequently for work or if you are on vacation and want to keep a close eye on your home and its surrounding property in real-time. Live video feeds are great as cameras with motion detection are also capable of sending direct alerts to your mobile phone when a visitor appears or anytime motion is detected.

Audio-Enabled Doorbell

Access and monitor your doorbell and front porch (or other access points surrounding your home) from just about anywhere using home automation. With home automation it is possible to connect a live video camera feed into your doorbell, allowing you to instantly view anyone who visits your property and rings your doorbell from a smartphone, computer, or tablet. It is also possible to implement a working microphone with your mobile application, providing you the ability to speak directly to anyone who is visiting your property or attempting to enter your home directly from your smartphone, computer, or tablet device. It is also possible to program your home’s security system to automatically begin recording anytime you receive a visitor or motion detected near your home’s doorbell. Once the video is recorded, easily retrieve it in your mobile app or within any cloud service that is offered by your home security company.


Programming Your Thermostat to Save Money

Using home automation doesn’t just have to provide us with additional luxury and pleasure. With the advent of home automation, living more energy-efficient has now become easier than ever. Program your home’s thermostat in order to save money by reducing the amount of energy your home emits throughout each night (or when the majority of your household retires for the evening). It is now possible to set timers on each individual thermostat you have in your home to ensure you are minimizing the amount of energy you are using and potentially wasting at all times. Manage the temperature and the amount of energy used by other smart-technology appliances you have installed in your home and linked with any home security system you currently have installed.

Protect America’s Home Automation Features

Protect America provides customers with the ability to create a custom-built home security system that is unique and individualized for each home. Additionally, home automation security features are also available from Protect America, allowing customers to quickly access and monitor their home’s security system from anywhere with the use of their smartphone and a mobile application. Home automation is useful for working appliances, activating your home’s alarm, and even managing your home’s thermostats and lighting with just a few clicks.

Protect America is here to help create a fully-customized home security systems whether you are interested in a basic or robust setup for any sized home. Contact us for your free consultation and quote today!