Doorbell cameras are all the rage these days. If you scroll through your social media you’ll likely run into a post capturing humorous footage taken by a doorbell camera at someone’s front door. Maybe a cow somehow found its way up the front porch in the Midwest or perhaps a rare bird sat on another family’s window sill for an hour or two. With a doorbell camera, you never know what you’re going to capture, which is why they make a great addition to any home. Ideally, a doorbell camera is essential for safety purposes but they can assist in many other ways as well.

Little boy knocking on a front door

Stop the Neighborhood Pests

Does anyone remember Ding-Dong Ditch? You know, the game we might admit to playing as children. It turns out, Ding-Dong Ditch is still going strong, as well as several other front door pranks. Keep the doorbell ringing at a minimum with an innovative doorbell camera.  You can use the two-way voice feature to scold the neighborhood pests before they strike. With a doorbell camera you can finally see who’s been pestering your home, which can be useful when it’s time to notify parents/guardians, or in severe cases, file a police report.

Prevent Vandalism 

Has someone been kicking over your favorite potted plant? Or maybe your lawn gnome has mysteriously lost an arm or a leg? If you have a doorbell camera, you can see both who are destroying your property and when they like to stop by. Similar to preventing neighborhood pests, you can use this footage to establish preventative actions that will work to keep your property from damage and will keep your family safe.

Mother looking at her phone while lounging on the couch as her family plays in the background.

Avoid Unwanted Guests 

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like getting up to answer the front door. Stay seated and use your smartphone to monitor if whoever is ringing your bell is someone you need to interact with. Maybe it’s a delivery man stopping by with a very important package or perhaps it’s just that nosy neighbor stopping by for the 10th time this week. In more serious cases, a potential thief could be waiting on the front porch hoping to scope out your home. Either way, your doorbell’s integrated camera is an excellent tool for surveillance, peace-of-mind and complete control of your property’s most vulnerable spot—the front door.

Peephole view of a man and his son waiting outside the front door of someone's home

Stay Ahead Of the Game

Picture this: it’s Thanksgiving and the kids are coming home to visit. While you’re adding the final touches to the table’s place setting, the front doorbell rings. Because your kids are never on time to anything, you pull out your phone to check if it’s them.

Sure enough, they’re by the door waiting, and to your surprise, they’ve brought a few other guests with them. This means you can add extra plates and glasses to the table and hide some of your kid’s embarrassing photos before they even step inside, making the entire party feel comfortable and welcomed.

Keep Surprises a Secret

Isn’t it exciting planning a surprise for a loved one? Like when you order their favorite snack food from that special online shop, only to find them munching on the gift days in advance because they could accept the delivery before you could intercept? Don’t worry; a doorbell camera can help you with that.

Just use your smartphone to monitor when the delivery man is approaching to ensure you’re the only one who gets a hold of the gift.

Protect your special package from porch pirates with two-way audio. With this feature you can scold the thieves away from the comforts of any location, no matter if you’re lounging on vacation in Hawaii or running errands across town.

With Protect America, You Can Always Keep an Eye on the Front Door 

The front door is one of the most vulnerable entry points of any home and therefore deserves to be monitored at all times. Establish an extra set of eyes at your entryway with the Skybell Doorbell Camera. The sleek, Wi-Fi doorbell camera is dressed up with a microphone and speaker, allowing for two-way audio while its PIR motion sensor and built-in camera provides clear visuals of visitors.