Securing your home and family is always high on any homeowner’s list of priorities. The traditional method has been to simply turn a key and either lock the doorknob or extend a deadbolt door lock into the door’s frame. Recent advances in electronics have made the process of locking your front door much more secure as well as more convenient. There are a number of different types of programmable door lock devices that have entered the market in the last couple years. At Protect America, we believe the programmable door lock from Yale Real Living is the best quality for your money. This lock features a sophisticated design, speaks three languages, and boasts easy-to-use controls. For basic lock automation, it does the job nicely, and works with a wide number of systems. However, with technology constantly advancing, many consumers ask the question: just how secure is a programmable deadbolt lock?

Security Information

To answer the question… these programmable locks are highly secure. They’re considered more secure than they traditional key in lock method for a number of reasons. Yale Real Living’s Z-Wave firmware is highly resistant to a security breach. Yale’s wireless Z-Wave adapter sends information out over a 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, which is the standard level of encryption for all modern Z-Wave devices. It is also used for things like military communications and online banking transactions.

Additionally, programmable locks can offer a higher level of security for your home and family. It offers a safer platform for securing your dwelling because the use of keys will no longer be necessary. No more hiding your spare key under the garden gnome. Instead you can just memorize a combination to lock and unlock your home whenever you need.

Let’s say you decide to go out of town for the weekend and you let your friend borrow a key while they are house-sitting for you. Or perhaps you gave the babysitter a spare key. Regardless of the reason, you can have the complete peace of mind knowing that with your programmable deadbolt door lock, there is no fear of keys being lost or misplaced. You won’t have to worry that someone has made a copy of your house key. Instead, you can just simply change the key-code to your home in a matter of minutes.

A Lock that Thinks

Additionally, you can skip the manual entry and lock or unlock your home with your smart phone using our free SMART connect app that comes with broadband or cellular monitoring. Unlock doors with your phone, program multiple user codes and check the status of your lock from anywhere, anytime. Program up to 250 user codes for family members and visitors. That way you know who has opened your door and when with personalized codes to your home. Your front door is now interactive. 

Why Should My Door Be Interactive?

Your door should be interactive because you’ll never have to worry about being locked out again. Not to mention the fear of a valet or maintenance individual copying your keys will go out the door. You’re making your home smarter by integrating this smart lock into your life. Being connected to your home like never before means serious peace of mind. Imagine unlocking doors for a loved one from miles away, or even halfway across the country. Also, if you like the traditional key, with the Yale Z-Wave Door Lock,  you can open doors manually with key entry as well as digitally for a flexible home experience for your entire family.

Yale Locks come in three colors, and are equipped with a key pad or touch screen depending on your preference. This Z-Wave lock works together with Protect America security systems to transform your house into an interactive, controllable home that is smart and safe. You’re now connected in ways you never thought possible!