Alexa is a great way to automate so much of a home, and that includes a lot of the lighting. It helps with automation and convenience, and it also provides more comfort and more security. As a homeowner learns commands that help Alexa work with their security and automation system, they can turn on lights in other rooms, dim or raise the light level, and even turn on the outside lights when it’s starting to get dark. But Alexa’s not perfect, and there are some commands she just won’t understand. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that Alexa is being asked the right commands, to get the most from her performance.


Homeowners who take the time to learn everything that Alexa can do will generally be pleasantly surprised — but they need to make sure they understand how to say the commands properly. She’s very intuitive, but because she’s an AI device there are terms and commands she’s trained to recognize, along with those that she won’t understand. It’s usually not difficult to learn these things quickly and efficiently, but it can still take a little bit of trial and error. Once a homeowner knows what Alexa needs to hear it’s easy to get her to control the lights, and that adds to the level of automation already in the house.


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    Why Should a Homeowner Use Alexa?

    When a homeowner uses Alexa, they get a lot of big benefits. They can enjoy automation and security that’s more than what they would normally receive from other sources. Additionally, they can also get this security and automation through voice control. That’s an excellent way for homeowners to get more for their money, and have a high level of value for the cost of the system and the smart lighting required to operate it.

    Homeowners who use Alexa know that there are a lot of different ways the devices she’s installed on can be properly used to address lighting.

    Smart lighting matters, and it’s a very easy way to focus on getting an automated home that adds to the safety and comfort of the homeowner. Being able to turn lights on and off is convenient, but it also adds to the safety a homeowner can expect, as well.

    Can Alexa Control All of the Lights?

    The ability of Alexa to control the lights and how integrated she is with an automated home and security system depends on the kinds of lights that are being used. Some smart lighting just isn’t compatible with Amazon devices, and those are the ones that Alexa is used on. These smart lighting devices won’t work with Alexa, so it’s very important to use devices that are going to be able to be voice controlled the right way. Then Alexa would, theoretically, be able to control all the lights.


    How Lighting Automation Can Change a Home

    One of the ways to change a home is through lighting automation. Having this type of functionality can provide:

    • a high level of convenience for the homeowner
    • comfort that they can appreciate
    • a feeling of security and safety
    • more peace of mind

    Being able to change the light levels — and even the color of the lights — are great ways to change the mood and feeling in a home. They can make things brighter, make it cozier, and allow the homeowner to do different things so they can feel good about the way their home looks and feels on the inside, all with voice control.

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