If you are a new customer for SkyBell or Alexa, you might not be aware that they can be used in conjunction with each other. Alexa is Amazon’s virtual digital assistant that you can use to search or buy items from Amazon’s website. If you are a prime member, you have multiple free products and services that you can connect with through Alexa. Many Amazon customers are buying the Amazon Echo to tap into the various services using Alexa for vocal search. You can also use Skybell and Alexa together to enhance the capabilities of both.

Home Security with SkyBell

One of the first methods of securing a home began with the ability to see through a door and identify a visitor. Both individual houses and multiple-person dwellings use a small window or peephole to help keep residents safe. However, with technology’s advancements, you can get a step-up from the traditional peephole by viewing a visitor through a digital camera from any room in your home. If you are busy working or taking care of young children in another part of the house, you can answer the door using SkyBell. If your visitor is unwanted, you can call police from your phone without ever physically coming to the door and opening it.

Using SkyBell and Alexa in Tandem

If you own a SkyBell HD and an Amazon Echo, you can start by opening the Alexa app on your smartphone. From the app, go to Skills, search for SkyBell, then select it and log in using your SkyBell credentials. Once Skybell and Alexa are connected, there are loads of things you can do, starting with having hands-free control of your front door. Using voice commands, you can:

  • Record live video of your front door, and save it to your account to view later
  • Take a still photo of your front doorstep
  • Turn the indoor doorbell chime off and on depending on your needs
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Using Alexa to Direct SkyBell

Using this connection, here are some examples of what you can do.

  • To enter “quiet mode,” say, “Alexa, tell SkyBell to turn on quiet mode.”Amazon’s Echo will respond with “Your SkyBell is now in quiet mode.”
  • To exit “quiet mode,” say “Alexa, tell SkyBell to turn off quiet mode.” Echo will respond with “Your SkyBell’s quiet mode has been turned off.”

You can ask Alexa to turn the motion sensor on or off, start and stop live video recordings, or take a photo of your visitor at the front door. Alexa can also turn the indoor chime in your house on or off so your visitors don’t upset a napping toddler or interrupt focused concentration time while you are working.

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    Alexa’s AI Capabilities

    In the beginning, the Amazon Echo was sold as a smart speaker as its objective was not to be a smart home automation hub like it is today. When Amazon value-added Alexa (the artificial intelligence (AI) that controls the Amazon Echo), this piece of equipment gradually became in charge of smart home appliances.

    Like all technology Amazon’s Echo with Alexa has moved far beyond its original inception. The echo started out as a speaker with simple capabilities for vocal search within Amazon’s organization. As technology has developed Amazon has imbued the Echo with more complex AI capabilities, allowing users to connect it with their smart home devices as well as the Amazon purchasing system. As more home products are enhanced with smart technology, the Echo and Alexa is becoming an operational hub for an entire home. Customers love the fact that they don’t need a separate app to control each product at home. Now, they can access all of their smart products with one device, Amazon’s Echo with Alexa.

    Safety and Convenience with SkyBell and Alexa

    The partnering of SkyBell and Alexa is a “win-win” for everyone. Individuals can feel safer in their home or office while enjoying the security and convenience of operating their SkyBell through Alexa. And as technology continues to grow and develop, Amazon will update features on the Echo to continue to offer convenience and control to users. SkyBell and Alexa make a suitable partnership for security and privacy, so you can feel secure in your home, even if you live alone.

    Having Peace of Mind at Home

    Home security offers peace of mind to loved ones, especially if you live alone. You can use SkyBell and Alexa to help achieve that peace of mind along with convenience for you. Adding this smart doorbell camera device is the first step towards a secure, private home that can be your oasis from the busy, hustle-bustle of daily life.

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