Smart home gadgets have become standard parts of many households, but for the most part you can expect smart thermostats and voice assistants. Or perhaps you might find a house connected with tablets on the wall to control certain features like lighting or sound systems. However there are a lot of smart technologies that are very helpful, but perhaps haven’t grown enough in popularity enough to be well known.

The three smart gadgets in this article are smart technologies that I believe will eventually be in every home, but are simply too new. Smart knobs for your stove can greatly reduce the risk of fire, especially considering that cooking is the main cause of residential fires by a large margin. More control interfaces that don’t rely on understanding language or needing to be selected from a screen will emerge. As well as more integrated smart gadgets that control your homes utilities will start to be integrated.

So what are these uncharted smart gadgets?

1. Stovetop Safety Smart Knobs

As I noted earlier, cooking fires are the leading cause of residential fires in the country and it has been for a long time. If you’ve ever had a fear that you left your stove on while you’re away from home then you wouldn’t be crazy to panic a little bit. Leaving the stove one is a great way to come home to a bunch of fire trucks in front of your house. That is why I think that smarter kitchen technology that will automatically turn off is something that needs to be installed in every home. There is no reason a burner should be on for 2 hours straight and in my opinion should have the ability to turn off automatically.


Preventing situations like this is exactly the goal of the Kickstarter campaign for the Inirv React. Not only will these knobs turn off after a certain amount of time, but they also connect to a kitchen smoke detector and make sure that all of your knobs turn off if too much smoke is detected.  They have motion sensors, alarms, connect to voice assistants, gas / smoke detection, and can be controlled from a smart phone.  The motion detectors can tell if someone is standing in front of the knobs and will shut off if a prolonged absence is detected. So now if you we’re to worry about leaving the stove on, you can check by simply pulling out your phone, but you will also know that there is nothing to worry about.

2. Knock Device Control

Controlling devices with simple gestures has been popular for centuries if not longer. If you’ve ever seen someone call butlers in to serve dinner with a dinner bell even though they could just as easily summon them with a word then you know what I’m talking about. And besides that it’s also been a popular idea in electronic devices as well. A good example of this is the clapper. Sometimes voice control just doesn’t cut it.

That’s exactly what the makers of the Knocki Remote Control Smart Device are basing their invention on. It works by detecting knock vibration on the wall that it’s installed on and uses IFTTT and wireless technology to interact with your devices. You can program different command chains based on different knock patterns. You can use complex secret knocks or just know a particular amount of times for each command. The beauty of it is that there are an almost unlimited amount of possible uses for this. For example maybe you have one installed under your coffee table and you program it to turn on your entire entertainment center with two knocks or only turn on the speakers with three knocks. Another scenario, which is my personal favorite, is installing it on the front door. Then you can set it to alert you if someone is at the front door and maybe activate a camera, but the coolest part is what you can do if it’s tied to a smart lock. Imagine having a secret knock that actually unlocks your front door. Knocki can make this dream come true. Say goodbye to digging for your keys while carrying groceries or trying to fit a key in the lock in the dark.


3. Smart Digital Shower Interface

As smart devices evolve, I’m fairly confident that controlling the home utilities will become more common. More gadgets that will shut off the water when left on or smarter sprinkler systems will likely grow in popularity in the coming years. But one idea that fits is this category will improve a lot of lives in the future and that is smart shower and bather interfaces like the KOHLER K-527-1CP DTV Prompt Digital Shower Interface.

With this installed you can be sure that the water coming out of the shower is always going to be the right temperature. It will also save water with its warm up mode. Once the water temperature reaches its desired level, the water will pause automatically until you get in the shower.  And of course the shower includes a timer in case you’re on a busy schedule or there are extreme water conservation concerns.

Smart Home Security

Of course having a secret know to enter your home or a smart knob that makes sure that you won’t burn the house down during a kitchen fire, there’s no substitute for professionally monitored smart home security. That’s why Protect America home security connects to all of your smart devices and will warn you if someone breaks in right to your smart phone.

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