There is a vast array of smart home technologies that are in common use today. These technologies work together in harmony to automate your home’s basic systems. Some of these systems include electrical, lighting, security and communication. Naturally, as with most technologies, there are a number of pros & cons associated with smart homes. Exploring said issues will help you figure out whether or not smart home technology is the way to go given on the current state of your home.

Smart Home Pro #1: Customization

Some smart home systems are extremely friendly when it comes to customization. They typically feature open-source software. This means that you don’t need special training to program the software as long as you understand the programming language.

If you understand the basic coding language you can make modifications without having to pay someone to change it for you. This is a strength because it allows for an almost limitless application of smart home technologies.

Smart Home Pro #2: Easy to Install

Most smart home devices and associated technology are wireless and can be installed with minimal tools or expertise. In fact, you’ll typically only need the information and directions provided via the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual is a great resource in the event a problem or an expansion is necessary to your smart home. Why? Opting for the DIY route will save you the cost of bringing in a professional.

Smart Home Pro #2: Create a Safer Home Environment

Home automation can also make your home safer by providing you with the ability to view your home at all times. You can install cameras, motions detectors and locks installed. Doing so allows you to control the doors of your home from wherever you might be. Some examples of when this is especially useful are being able to let in a contractor who you’re expecting or “answering” the door and telling the person outside that you’re not interested in what they’re offering. This sends a strong message that someone is home, even when you’re at your office many miles away.