The best smart thermostat of 2020 is one that can transform your home into a connected ecosystem that automates to perform the heavy-lifting for you. The ADC-T3000 can do just that. This stylish gadget uses’s machine learning technology, so after installation you’ll be well on your way to saving money and living comfortably year-round. Continue reading to discover a few of the cool tricks you can do with the ADC-T3000 smart thermostat.

The T-3000 Is a Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

It seems like most of our favorite devices need Wi-Fi to function properly. This, however, is not the case with the ADC-T3000. Instead, the smart thermostat uses a Z-Wave radio that connects with all security panels. Homeowners living in rural settings with weak internet connection will appreciate this feature.

The smart thermostat also shows off its high IQ when it integrates with your security panel. This connection lets your thermostat communicate with every sensor in your security system, giving it a clear read on the activity levels happening in your home. Because the smart thermostat can connect with your security panel’s sensors, it’s able to appropriately adjust settings when needed.

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Save More Energy, Save More Money, Live More Comfortably

The best smart thermostat should be able to save you energy, money and help you live more comfortably. The ADC-T3000 is a smart thermostat that does all three.

Save Energy and Money

We’re always talking about how great it would be to save energy. And with the right smart thermostat you can actually do it; in this case, the right thermostat in the ADC-T3000. Some of its unique energy saving features includes scheduling when to turn off or on your thermostat. This is otherwise known as “away” mode, a function that auto-adjusts and switches down your heating and cooling when you no longer need them. A cooling schedule also keeps your thermostat from running continuously throughout the day which helps save your family money.

Live Comfortably

Take a moment to think about your favorite restaurant. You know, the one you stop by at least once a week. The one where you sit at your favorite table and order your favorite meal. The waiters and waitresses all know your name. It feels good whenever you step inside because of that familiarity.’s smart thermostat can work the same way. It uses data and geo-services to quickly adapt to changes in your routine, keeping track of when to adjust your home to the right temperature. Take this one step further by creating and customizing unique temperature presets for ‘Home’, ‘Away’ or ‘Sleep’ to maintain your favorite temperature settings at different parts of the day. You can also use Scenes that make sure the thermostat is keeping your home as comfortable as possible given the time of day or level of activity in a space.

Prevent Costly Expenses

Mold is the last substance anyone wants in their home. Getting rid of it is expensive and the fungus itself can deteriorate our health and damage our property by eating away on wood and paper. Monitor the humidity levels responsible for fueling mold growth with your smart thermostat. The thermostat keeps you aware of danger by displaying real-time humidity levels, tracking potential mold growth in hard-to-spot areas like air vents.

Similar to mold, repairing or replacing an HVAC system is a costly expense. The good news is,’s smart thermostat detects the first signs of trouble and alerts homeowners so you can quickly take action before the system completely fails.

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Find the Best Smart Thermostat of 2020 at Protect America

With a smart thermostat, you can adjust your temperature from anywhere, connect it to a smart speaker for hands-free operation and enjoy auto-adjusting features that are based on your comfort and home’s activity. The device is essentially an around-the-clock assistant dedicated to keeping your home cozy and energy-efficient.’s ADC-T3000 smart thermostat is a jack of all trades gadget that’s stylish and capable of blending into any environment. It’s also packed with modern features, from creating schedules that auto-adjust to deploying emergency heat sources when freezing temperatures are outside. But don’t just limit yourself to one tier of convenience and efficiency.

Speak to one of our security experts today to learn about how you can use the smart thermostat with security monitoring from Protect America. When you monitor your home with Protect America, you’re equipping your home with 24/7 professionally monitored systems that are ready to keep your family protected at all hours. Click to get a free quote from Protect America today.