It seems everywhere you turn these days automation is taking over, even in the privacy of our homes. You might be wondering just how many things could be controlled by a home automation system. The answer might surprise you!  Your smartphone could be far more useful than you ever guessed.

Your Monitored Home Automation Control & Security System

First off, most home security systems including those offered by Protect America, offer a handy app to access your pin pad, wireless cameras, and sensors from just about anywhere in the world. Log into the app and set your alarm to AWAY if you forgot on your way out the door, turn off the motion sensor that the dog keeps triggering, or even login to your camera network the check up on your teen doing their homework.  Set the whole thing to automatically adjust various settings on a repeat schedule.  It’s up to you.

Home Automation Control: Turn up the Lights and the Heat

Okay, security is one thing, but this is where home automation gets exciting.  PCMag recently reviewed the best smart home systems and started with the popular thermostats like Nest that can adjust the temperature of your home through your smartphone. Add in an extra module and you can turn on the exterior lights, the entryway, and even the bathroom light from your bedside. Many of these systems can be tied into the Amazon Alexa or Echo pods and work with your security system and other online accounts. How cool is that?

Start Cooking Dinner and Run the Vacuum

Controlling your entire house from the couch is really becoming a thing.  The following appliances are now available with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity home automation control:

  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens
  • Clothes washers
  • Robotic vacuums
  • Lawn mowers
  • Dishwashers

Home Automation

Some fridges like the the LG InstaView let you see inside through the use of your phone and a wireless camera.  Change the route that your vacuum takes while sweeping up the dry dog food every morning. Adjust the heat settings on your dishwasher for a delicate cycle.  Home automation can actually simplify the use of many appliances by skipping confusing buttons and improving the user interface through your phone.


Home Automation Control: Shut off the Water

There are even WiFi enabled water valves that can be part of your home security system from companies like Protect America. A water sensor in the basement is tripped when it finds more than a drop of liquid, an alarm is sent to your phone and your home monitoring center, and then the water valve will either automatically shut off or allow you to remotely close it and prevent major damage.

Besides all these practical applications of home automation, of course your new voice-activated sensor can dial up the latest in videos and music for you to enjoy on any networked sound system in the house. Adding automation to the mix is simply the logical conclusion when considering all the options when upgrading your home security system.  Give Protect America a call today and discover how you can start down the home automation process today.