If we went back in time to 1962, we’d be able to see the very first episode of The Jetsons. At the time, viewers fell in love with the wacky world of the ‘future’. In the world of The Jetsons, technology was an integral part of life, including home automation. Home automation is smart technology that provides real-life solutions to our day-to-day problems. While smart technology and home automation don’t have us living in the sky, they have worked together to make our lives easier and more efficient.

How Does Home Automation Work?

The conventional overview of smart technology involves isolated but linkable programmable devices. From outdoor sprinklers and security cameras to lighting, appliances, and HVAC usage, smart technology can make a huge impact on a household. Smart home automation devices can offer an array of direct benefits, so let’s discuss a few of those advantages below.

  • Integrated Device Management — One of the biggest advantages of home automation technology is that it allows for centralized control. Companies like Protect America offer their customers the ability to control all of their smart devices from centralized security hubs. This is a perk found in other companies throughout the industry.
  • Maximized Home Security — Smart technology is really the next step forward in home security technology. There is a litany of smart home security systems available on the internet depending on price, available features, and quality of components. Protect America has been serving up maximized home security solutions since 1992.
  • Home Statistics and Insights — It is hard to believe how a home works until there is unavoidable proof. Home automation can help property owners to carefully monitor their appliance use, energy consumption, and home security.
  • Preparing for the Future — Finally, the world of smart technology and home automation is here to stay. The industry has grown tremendously over the years. However, our increased reliance on technology means that this won’t change anytime soon. Embracing home automation now can prepare property owners for all the developments that are yet to come!

Now that we have a well-rounded understanding as to the benefits and advantages of home automation, let’s explore and highlight a few key products to keep an eye out for.

Top Smart Home Devices For Protecting Your Family

Important Automation Devices.

Every home is unique. As a result, there are seemingly infinite ways to embrace the world of home automation. No two homes will need the same smart devices, but there are no shortage of options to suit any need. Here we will discuss three devices that can take advantage of home automation.

  • Home Automation Hub — In order to have any level of success with an automated home, a control hub will be essential. There are a variety of different home automation hubs available, from the systems at Protect America to products as simple as the Samsung SmartThings Hub.  These controllers monitor, control, and trigger other devices on the network.
  • Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors — If home automation is all about home security, homeowners can’t skip out on this product. There are many automated smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for sale. These smart monitors can trigger an alarm and send notifications even if no one is home.
  • Smart Security System — Finally, most homeowners are going to want to explore the benefits of a smart home security system. A smart home security system monitors, records, and triggers alarms whenever an issue is found. Smart security systems from Protect America, for example, can help to secure everything from windows and doors to every inch of the interior and exterior of a home.

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    Secure Your Home Protect America.

    By this point in time, it is clear to see that home automation is here to stay. In a world of burgeoning technological advancement, it never hurts to stay ahead of the pack. When it comes to securing a home, the team at Protect America can be of assistance. Protect America is a direct-to-consumer DIY home security automation company that has been in operation since 1992. As one of the most affordable and respected home security brands on the market, there are plenty of ways that Protect America can be of assistance.

    First and foremost, parties interested in pursuing home security automation can get a free quote online by filling out this form. Once that form has been completed, a professional associate from Protect America will help to further build the perfect home automated security system. For advanced shoppers, the Protect America online store can reveal quite a few amazing products to try out.