Most parents wish they can be two places at once. Unfortunately, this isn’t physically possible. However, the next best thing is integrating a smart home automation system in your humble abode. Many smart home automation system solutions lend an extra pair of eyes, ears and hands to busy parents who aren’t able to be in their homes as often as they would like. Let’s take a look at a few ways busy parents can use home automation to their advantage.

Security Systems Can Keep An Eye Out Even While You’re Out

Do you ever wonder what happens in your home while you’re away? Is it, in fact, your dog who’s been moving your shoes across the house? Do the landscapers come on time? Are the kids working on their homework when they’re supposed to? 

With indoor security cameras, keeping track of it all is as easy as pulling out your phone. This means it doesn’t matter if you’re running errands across town or finishing up an assignment at work, you can always check back in at home.

HD indoor security cameras are compact enough to be placed in different spaces throughout your home, so you can keep an eye on any room you’d like. Cameras built with 1080p HD video offer clear footage allowing you to spot any unusual activity. Don’t worry about being away from home at night either. Indoor cameras have sharp eyesight with infrared night vision so you can monitor your home at all hours. 

Smart Home Automation: Woman approaching her home's front door while her phone uses geofencing technology to unlock doors.

You Can Forgive Yourself For Forgetting To Do Things

When you’re a busy parent, it can be difficult remembering to do even the most important things. Like when we should be locking the front door on our way out in the mornings, but instead we become distracted with making sure our youngest child doesn’t stumble over their untied shoelaces. Thankfully, with smart security systems like the IQ2 panel, you don’t have to beat yourself up for realizing you left the door unlocked while you’re midway through your commute. 

The IQ2 panel has stress-reducing features such as geofencing technology that sets up a virtual geographical boundary. This sends notifications to your phone each time you forget to arm or lock a device back home.

Remotely Control The Comfort Of Your Home

It’s hard to keep the energy bill under control when you’re too busy to remember to turn the air conditioner off. Switch out your manual thermostat for a smart one to control your temperature and system from anywhere. 

Smart thermostats are also great because our schedules can change at the last minute, like on those days we need to run home to pop something in the oven before picking the kids up from band practice. A smart thermostat can use geotechnology, similar to geofencing, to quickly adjust the temperature to your preferred settings so your home is comfortable as soon as you step inside. Geotechnology also recognizes when you’re not home, allowing the system to switch into energy-saving mode until you return.

When an unexpected cold front or heatwave strikes, your smart thermostat can detect the sudden change and react by heating or cooling your home to keep your family cool or toasty.

Smart Home Automation: Young boy looking at phone while unlocking his home's security alarm panel

Easy Enough For the Kids to Use

One of the neat things about a smart home automation system is the products are easy enough for kids to understand and adapt to. 

Take security systems with touchscreen panels for example. The swipeable screen will remind your kids of their smartphone. This familiarity will make it easier for your children to navigate the system. Many smart products, such as a smart thermostat, can also be integrated with the Amazon Echo Dot. So when your child is chilly, all they have to do is ask Alexa to adjust the temperature.

Worry About Less With Protect America

As busy parents, it can be difficult to juggle the many different hats we have to wear throughout the day. Let Protect America scratch some tasks off of your to-do list by monitoring and keeping your home connected while you’re away. Our line of smart home automation systems include easy-to-use touchscreen control panels, HD wireless indoor video cameras, smart thermostats, smart speakers and more. Speak to a security expert today to start customizing your home with the products tailored to your family’s needs.