Protect America has a number of Z-Wave products, such as the Door Lock and Appliance Module, but it may seem a little unclear what exactly Z-Wave is. To better understand how our products can help protect you and your loved ones, here is a quick overview of the wireless technology that puts you in control of your home even if you’re miles away.


A Wireless Network

First and foremost, Z-Wave is a wireless network that connects home automation devices. The technology works on the principle of a mesh network. This means that devices will pass signals to one another through an intermediary device, allowing one to send a wireless message to another that would otherwise be out of range. Each device has a 300 foot range, so as long as each device is within 300 feet of at least one other device, the whole network can be as large as you need it to be. In fact, a Z-Wave network can support up to 232 devices, giving you over 69,000 feet of total coverage. This is more than sufficient for even the largest of properties.

No Interference

Z-Wave is designed not to interfere with any other wireless networks in your home, such as WiFi. Z-Wave products transmit signals at a different frequency than WiFi routers, preventing signals from being crossed. As a result, Z-Wave is completely compatible with any other systems you may have running in your house.

Completely Mobile

One of the best features of Z-Wave devices is that they can be controlled remotely. Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones can check in on a home’s Z-Wave network from anywhere that there is Internet or cell phone service. This allows you not only to check in on your house while you are away but also to control its functioning. Any appliances plugged into the Z-Wave Appliance Module can be turned on and off remotely from your phone. Connect it to a television to give the illusion that someone is home even when your house is empty. Meanwhile, the Z-Wave Door Lock can be accessed remotely from your mobile device in the case that you lost or forgot your key. The mobility of Z-Wave products is one of the technology’s greatest attributes.


Getting Started

The Z-Wave system is easily scalable. This means you can add compatible devices to your network as they become available. Those installing a wireless home security system can start off with the Z-Wave products offered by Protect America and gradually add more devices that are able to control different aspects of your home. You can design your own completely automated home with the help of Z-Wave products.

If you are interested in home security with Z-Wave, contact Protect America today. Learn more about our security equipment and to begin creating the home security solution you and your family need today. Build a home security system that fits your needs.