This summer, thousands of ‘doorknockers’ will prey on neighborhoods across America. Their goal is to trick you in to switching to another home security provider, often through deceptive practices that may leave you stuck with unexpected expenses. We’ve put together this adorable castle-themed guide in order to help you stay safe by being able to properly identify and react to a visit from a door to door scammer. 


How to avoid door to door scams:

  • Protect America will never come over unannounced. If someone comes to your door claiming to be from Protect America, they are lying. That’s right. Protect America will NEVER come to your door trying to sell you something.
  • Never let a salesman into your home. Letting a stranger into your house is incredibly dangerous. If you hear a knock on your door and a stranger is there, use caution! Check it out first! It’s always best to use the peep hole or a window to see who is at the door prior opening it. Particularly, if you are home alone – ask them to identify themselves before opening the door. If you are concerned, it’s absolutely okay to turn them away without opening your door. It’s not rude to protect yourself. Your safety is a priority. 
  • When in doubt, shut the door. If at any time you no longer want to talk to a salesman, just shut your door. According to this article by the AARP, this poor couple got scammed out of over $8,000 by a door to door salesman.


Protect America is one of the nation’s top home security companies. We have protected almost half a million homes since 1992 and have continued to grow. Currently an average of 15% of the population in the U.S. has a working alarm system. Our goal is to provide home security for the whole nation and educate consumers on the importance of home security. This summer, when you hear a knock on the door, make sure to keep your guard up and these tips in mind. We hope that this guide by Protect America has helped you learn a few tactics on how to stay safe and protect yourself from a door to door scam!