When a home is robbed, the people living inside are likely to have a bit of apprehension about the future and whether the burglar will return again. This is a true fear of many who suffer from home robberies, and a just one at that. Here are some clues that will aid in showing inhabitants, there is likely to be a return visit from someone with ill intentions.

  • Be Vigilant
  • Think Like A Thief
  • Get Protection

You can never be too safe.


Do A Complete Check Of The Home

After a robbery occurs, it is likely vulnerability and anxiety will settle in. While these are normal responses, it is best to get angry and think about how to fight back so this type of occurrence does not happen again. Be proactive in walking around every portion of the home to check for breaches in security. Look at the spot where the robber is likely to have gained entry for any clues about the way they had done so. Check over every item in the home to see if something had been picked up and then set back down in a different manner. Larger or bulkier items may be targets for a future encounter if they appear to have been altered. Make sure to check safes and documentation to see if any personal information, like passwords or key codes, were obtained.

Be Wary Of People In The Neighborhood

It is best to be observant when going outdoors at all, as someone could be watching every move made. If a neighbor, or a person walking or driving past the home, seems to be attentive in the action going on, there is reason to be suspicious. While this person may just be nosy, they could also be watching the home to see if there is a pattern in how people act when arriving and leaving the abode. Doors and windows can be watched, lights can be observed, and schedules may be monitored.


Check With Others In The Area

Finding out if others in the area have suffered from robberies as well, can give clues about the habits of the person committing these crimes. If there have been several area robberies, the chance of a return trip is always present. After all, the robber is in the area and may decide to strike a target that has desired goods that they were not able to lift the last time. Keeping communication lines open with neighbors can be beneficial as someone may see something that indicates a crime is imminent.

Protect The Home As Necessary

Instead of waiting for another robbery to occur, adding a defense line to the home is best. A monitored security device will give inhabitants the peace of mind that they, and their belongings, will remain safe. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.