It’s summer vacation season! Whether you’re going overseas or just a few miles away, summer trips are full of fun and sun.

It’s crucial to stay safe while you’re on the go, but it’s equally important to secure your home while you are away–especially if you’re traveling for a lengthy period of time. There’s nothing worse than getting pick pocketed in the middle of your trip or coming home to the scene of a burglary. Vacations are supposed to be about joy and relaxation, not stress and disaster.

Safety First

Having your money, cards, passport, or other belongings stolen while traveling can be so distressing, especially if you are traveling in another country. Losing money and/or key identifying documents can leave you stranded in an unfamiliar place, and you might be forced to waste a good chunk of your vacation in an embassy or just trying to get everything reported or recovered. Even worse, being harmed or placed in a dangerous situation can cause trauma to you and your family. Here are a couple tips for staying safe while on vacation:

  • Carry your wallet and important documents in your front pocket or close to your body.
  • Always put valuables away in a hotel room safe or in another hidden location.
  • Don’t wear or display expensive jewelry, cameras, bags, or other valuable items. They may attract pick pockets.
  • Stick to well-lit and well-travelled streets. If you really want to check out a shortcut, do it during the day when there are more people around.
  • Always lock your room, and never leave your keys lying around at a swimming pool or at a cafe. Lock your room even when you are inside.
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Staying rested allows you to be more alert while you are out and about during the day.
  • Make sure you wear enough sunscreen! The summer sun can be harsh, and you don’t want to look sunburnt in all of your pictures!
  • If you’re traveling with children, teach them to stay within a close radius of the adults and the rest of the family.

Securing Your Home Before You Leave

Prevent that “Oh no” moment when you arrive home. After you’ve been traveling for a while, you’ll just want to come home and relax. We’ve made an entire Vacationer’s Home Security checklist just for this popular burglary season. Click the image below to view the checklist!